AVIXA Councils

AVIXA Councils exist to provide a global community of AVIXA members and other professionals committed to networking and to the support and advancement of the industry they serve.  Councils also serve as AVIXA's direct connection to the various segments within the professional audiovisual industry.

Most members contribute a few hours of their time each month, usually at quarterly audioconference meetings or by participating in AVIXA Xchange discussion groups.   In some cases, the councils support the industry in the creation of products, here are a few recent examples of their work:

All AVIXA members are welcome to join, review our list of Councils below and get involved today

AVIXA Committees, Advisory Boards, and Task Forces

AVIXA's Board appoints a variety of Advisory Boards and Committees annually to support the future of our organization.  Committee and Advisory Board membership is done through an annual application process approved by the AVIXA Leadership Committee.  For more information about Committee and Advisory Groups please email Megan Kuhman at [email protected]

AVIXA Board Appointed Committees

Advisory Boards and Task Forces




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