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Looking for ways to increase brand awareness or connect with your audience? AVIXA’s global reach in the AV community is a year-round opportunity. Whether you want to develop a reputation as an audiovisual industry expert on a particular topic or get in front of end-users in a specific region or market, we can help.

Sponsor-Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership


Position your organization as a thought leader in the AV industry. Host a webinar about an AV solution, step forward as an industry expert by sponsoring specific solutions topics, or sponsor content in our global newsletters.

Sponsor-Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness


Want the AV industry to recognize your name and think of you when it’s time for solutions? Explore brand awareness sponsorships with the AVX awards, the AVIXA Foundation, councils, education, and more.


Quality Lead Generation


If your goal is generating new leads to grow your business, AVIXA has options for you. Connect directly with our audience by sponsoring AVIXA’s award-winning education, the CTS RU Provider Program, or webinars.

Sponsor-Audience Reach

Audience Reach


If it is impressions and reach you are interested in, check out sponsorships that touch engaged audiences. Discover how the AVX Awards program, councils, education, or newsletters could be the right fit.

Sponsor-In-Person and Virtual

In-Person and Virtual


In our world, both virtual and in-person events are important ways to reach your customers. Nearly all of the sponsorships have some digital component, like sponsoring an AV-related topic or content piece. For in-person sponsorships, world-wide council and AVIXA Foundation events could be a good match.

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*Sample audience profile is from a 2020 AVIXA survey.