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The Systems Integrators Council aims to advance the interests and capabilities of system integrators in the audiovisual industry by emphasizing standards, best practices, continuing education, and exceptional customer experiences.

2023 Council Goals

  • Actively support the “New Hire Onboarding - Creating Successful First 90 Days Experiences” Initiative efforts with the Rising Professional Council, AVIXA Women’s Council, Diversity Council, Independent Technical Services Council, and Live Events Council.
  • Actively support the revisit of the Best Practices Document: “Best Practices: Independent Contractors in the AV Industry” white paper with the Independent Technical Services Council input.
  • Begin review of Systems Integrators Council Mission Statement
  • Reviewing membership with an eye to increasing participation and retention. 


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 Nathan Hufford
 Enterprise Account Manager
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Systems Integrators Council Initiatives

The Systems Integrators Council has worked closely with our community in and outside our industry to see where we can provide support and guidance as Best Practices as it pertains to the subjects in our Mission Statement above.

With so many individuals looking for employment, it can be difficult to si­ft through the flood of applicants and identify those individuals who will be a great fit for your organization and your customers. This document attempts to identify key elements of the hiring process and how to increase the likelihood of finding a great next team member.  

Download Now:  Attracting Qualified AV Candidates


The purpose of this guide is to provide a reference for Systems Integrators and other companies, as good employers, to develop a successful onboarding process for all new hire employees. This is also intended to function as a reference tool for new employees as to what they should expect and what to ask for help with to ensure a positive onboarding experience. This document aims to provide a road map for creating a smooth onboarding experience for the employee and employer with the long-term goal of employee retention and growth for everyone involved.

Download Now: New Hire Onboarding Creating Successful First 90 Days Experiences

As the AV industry continues to scale up through acquisitions and positive economic growth, the chances are high that you are relying on independent contractors to keep up with demand. This document is meant to be used as a springboard for better communication between parties to help establish healthy and long-lasting relationships with your subcontractor talent pool.

Download Now: Independent Contractors in the AV Industry

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