Increase membership and awareness of AVIXA throughout Italy. Advisory group members:

  • Will act as AVIXA advocates to spread the AVIXA message, awareness, and grow membership in the country.
  • Will be provided with collateral, presentation materials, etc. from AVIXA to share the AVIXA message in Italy.
  • After consulting with AVIXA, may give presentations to groups in Italy about AVIXA.
  • May bring new opportunities to the attention of AVIXA staff for consideration in Italy to grow membership or awareness.
  • May be asked (when available) to participate in show activities at ISE, including possible networking receptions and presentations, to forward the goal of increasing membership and awareness.

If you have suggestions or would like to receive more information about events the Advisory Group is preparing this year, please contact Valeria Rapa at [email protected].



Adriano D’Alessio
Country Manager, Italia
Lightware Visual Engineering Italia

After some years spent in the broadcast market working first as a technical and then as a salesman, Adriano D’Alessio decided to move in the multimedia market. The knowledge received from broadcast gave him the basis to approach this new challenge and the opportunity to start and drive the new Lightware Italy office.

Giuliana Geronimo

Giuliana Geronimo

Giuliana’s background is in Project Management, Communications and she has a PhD in new Technologies for Cultural and Art Institutions. She is a cultural manager and co-founded Streamcolors with Giacomo Giannella in 2014. Streamcolors is a digital art studio specializing in real-time software development and in the production of interactive solutions, immersive experiences, videos, VR and video games for worldwide clients including cultural institutions, companies, design and fashion brands. 
Humans, Arts and Technologies are the interpretation keys that Streamcolors uses to unlock unique solutions that enhance imagination, knowledge, creativity, and interaction. Every human counts, every human relation adds value to Streamcolors’ projects.

Gualtiero Anselmetti

Gualtiero Anselmetti
Sales Manager
Satnet Srl

With his solid IT background coming from both studies and his previous sysadmin and developer jobs in the Nineties, Gualtiero is a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the AV/IT convergence. He has been working in the AV market since 2000, thanks to an acquisition of an AV integrator. In just a few years as tech manager, he developed a good knowledge and experience on Audio/Video/Control, Videoconferencing and Collaboration solutions. Since 2003 he is Sales Manager in Satnet, an Italian value-added distributor, with a special passion and commitment in discovering new solutions to bring to the Italian market.

Pier Luigi Forte

Pier Luigi Forte
Territory Manager
BOSE (Professional Sound Division)

His career starts in Architecture, Engineering and Design as a Designer, reaching achievements and valuable results such as the participation to the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale. His passion for music and his interest in venues and spaces with the presence of an audience led him to the AV market first in the tech and sales department, then finalizing a progressive specialization as a Project Manager which is his current position. He owns the most important certifications in Project Management and AV, particularly he is an AVIXA-Recognized AV Technologist. Among his passions there is the culture for innovation and spread of great ideas, in fact since 2016 he is licensee of TEDxSanGiovanniInPersiceto, an event under license by TED


Roberto Vogliolo
Co-founder & President
Redrim sc

One of the Italian Digital Signage pioneers, Vogliolo is a telecommunications and digital media expert, combining a strong technical background, coming from his activity as a professional in international research projects, with entrepreneurial skills, proven by his involvement in the creation of several successful companies in the digital communications market during the last 15 years.

Vogliolo loves defining himself as a “Digital Communication Architect” and is always looking for new digital technologies to be explored, tested and then launched with innovative business models. He’s one of those rare and precious examples of a creative engineer.

Press Supporters


Chiara Benedettini
President, Editor-in-Chief

Through literary studies and technical experience gained in the field as Technical Director in events and show business, Benedettini's work as a journalist in 2005 brought together both her technical and literary vocations. In 2006 she started Connessioni, a communications company, dedicated to the systems integration market, which was at its early stages at that time. She is in charge of the editorial direction, business development and general management.

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