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Unlock the potential of your team with tailored training that AVIXA® brings to you--onsite or virtually.

Why Choose AVIXA Contract Training?

Do you…

  • Have a busy team of 10 or more with little time for travel for training?
  • Need to bridge the gap between AV/IT?
  • Want to prepare your team for the CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I certifications?
  • Need design, installation, or networking training for the team so they can speak the same “language”?
  • Want to give your team a competitive edge?
Contract training with AVIXA | AVIXA

Time to Start a Customized Training Plan With Us

Contract training with AVIXA can help you…

  • Save time and money on travel
  • Bring the team together for training
  • Foster camaraderie for CTS certification preparation
  • Design and deliver a customized training program no matter your team’s size or location
  • Give your team a deep understanding of industry best practices in networking, installation, and AV design
  • Show your team that their professional development is important and that you value investing in them


"AVI-SPL has participated in AVIXA contract training for our employees in CTS Prep, CTS-D Prep, and CTS-I Prep virtual classroom for several years. Our employees consistently provide overwhelmingly positive feedback about this training, citing it as incredibly helpful in preparing for their exams."

~ Sherri Beck, Director, Learning & Development

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