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Many AVIXA members fall under the category of small business, owner operators, or self‑employed. At the time of writing, COVID‑19 is having an impact on these businesses across EMEA and the wider world. At AVIXA, we know that many of our members are facing uncertainty, and we want to help in any way that we can. Below are resources that can guide you and your business through these unforeseen circumstances: See More

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Pulse Check UK Feeds Into Pro AV Business Index

At the recent Pulse Check UK online round table, more than 50 experts from the U.K. AV market assembled for a lively discussion on the present state of AV in the region. Many painted a quite positive picture for the industry in terms of demand, however notable variations in the supply chain were identified, largely dependent on where material is sourced and how it’s transported.

The round table included an online survey on matters related to the AVIXA® Pro AV Business Index, which monitors the economic health of the pro AV industry, gauging sales and employment indicators.

See the Latest Pro AV Business Index

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Three Case Studies Examine How Higher Education Is Tackling the Coronavirus Crisis

In the first few weeks of the pandemic, institutes of higher education were thrust into survival mode by the hasty adoption of distance learning. After a break for the summer, institutions are again being challenged, this time by how to navigate the reopening phase.

Three universities in the U.K., Denmark, and the U.S. shared with AVIXA their AV experiences in the following reports. Aalborg University also has an accompanying webinar:

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Digital Signage Summit — The Show

At the recent two day Digital Signage Summit (DSS) 2020 — The Show, virtual attendees were treated to unique insights from dozens of digital signage industry experts, including helpful forecasts and end user experience presentations.

In case you missed it, many of the sessions are available to stream online, including those from Invidis Consulting’s Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker and with AVIXA’s Economic Analyst Peter Hansen, who provided market intelligence insight and macroeconomic background.

Digital Signage Braces for First Year of Losses - by AVIXA analyst Peter Hansen

Digital Signage Summit - The Show on youtube

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