With town halls and meetings now largely shared through streaming platforms, a broadcast television look lends more credibility to your message. Lighting is an important aspect of delivering a broadcast look to your streaming projects. Learn how to bring texture and depth to your streaming broadcasts using simple lighting techniques and workflows. From evaluating spaces for lighting to best fixtures to choose, this session will focus on building a solid plan to deploy broadcast style lighting in any streaming studio.

Join the July Power Hour to:

  • Evaluate spaces for best on camera look.
  • Learn how to successfully breakdown a lighting plot.
  • Understand where to use textured and accent light on set.
  • Identify best lighting fixtures for a streaming studio or room.

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Investments in streaming media are expected to increase in the post COVID-19 world and the proliferation of audiovisual content is driving demand for video services, according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate live events producers and video production service providers can get the latest on key trends and technologies for AV content creation and distribution in AVIXA’s monthly Content Production & Streaming Power Hour. Learn more about the Content Production & Streaming Power Hour series. 


          Rob Chickering
          Owner/Head of Operations
          No Puppet Productions

          • A 40-year media professional, Rob Chickering has worked in operations and engineering for Kidd Kraddick and most recently Glenn Beck where he served as SVP of production and engineering.
          • Currently, Rob is a co-owner of No Puppet Productions.
          • Launched in May of 2024, No Puppet was formed with former Cumulus Ticket hosts Dan McDowell, Jake Kemp.
          • Their first show is the Dumbzone with approximately 10,000 daily streams and 6000 + Patreon subscribers.
          • Rob is also a media production consultant for small and large projects, assisting clients in meeting goals within limited budgets.

          Jim Hutchison
          Chief Marketing Officer
          Amazing Industries

          • Jim Hutchison is a lighting designer, consultant, and creator of the world-renowned lighting industries website JimOnLight.com has been thriving in the Lighting Industry space for the better of three decades. 
          • Jim believes that it is best to let others' words speak to your actions: "Jim Hutchison is a lighting industry leader; a modern day Sergei Eisenstein. He is a mentor to whomever he encounters - and a true visionary. He has a way of making those around him feel as if they are gold, and working with him is always fulfilling. Jim's involvement in any project assures success, and he enjoys a collaborative mentality of the highest caliber.” -- Ann Davis, Artist/Creative, Chicago, IL.
          • Jim wants everyone to know that nothing in this industry can be done alone.

          Matt Morgan
          Business Development Manager, Corporate
          Ross Video

          • Matt Morgan is Ross Video's Business Development Manager for the corporate market.
          • He helps customers find solutions that enable them to host corporate live events with proven broadcast technology and workflows, ensuring broadcast-quality outcomes in corporate applications and environments.
          • Matt has an extensive background in live production and ten years of experience working in various technology segments and the church production industry.
          • Before joining the Ross team, he was the lead broadcast engineer at Life.Church, the largest church in the US.
          • In that role, he managed a 4K facility that broadcasted to over 40 campuses across 12 states and to viewers worldwide.


          David Maldow, Esq.
          Founder & CEO
          Let's Do Video

          • David Maldow is the Founder & CEO of Let's Do Video and has been covering the visual collaboration industry, and related technologies, for over 15 years.
          • His background includes 5 years at Wainhouse Research, where he managed the Video Test Lab and evaluated many of the leading solutions at the time.
          • David has authored hundreds of articles and thought pieces both at Telepresence Options, where he was managing partner for several years, as well as at Let's Do Video.
          • David often speaks at industry events and webinars as well as hosting the LDV YouTube Live Stream.

          Event Information

          31 July 2024

          1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
          Eastern Standard Time


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