AVIXA's Content & Learning Committee is one of three Steering Committees delegated by the Board of Directors as an advisory committee to staff. The committee evaluates submissions for InfoComm show education sessions ensuring relevant programming. The committee also advises staff on faculty recognition, program design, content development, and user experience for industry learning programs.


Toby Payne, CTS
Advisor Technically Integrated Inc.

Joe Bonchi
Director, Media & Tech Support Services, Media Technology Support Services, NJIT

Paul Chavez
Technology Design & User Experience for the Built Environment at Arup

Deborah Jones, CTS
Audio Visual/Information Technology Sales Manager, QEII Live

Ryan Howard
Technical Program Manager, Experience Integration, Google

Jarrod Hillman, CTS
President, Hillman Audio Video, Inc.

Erica Carroll
Education and Training Manager, Atlona

Alesia Hendley
Associate Sales Engineer, Access Networks

Andrew Milne
Principal Consultant, Sextant Group

Upcoming Events
Le soluzioni Audio over IP: interoperabilità, ridondanza e remote production - Sessione 1 [IT]

In questo corso in collaborazione con Audiosales e DirectOut verranno presentate le caratteristiche e il funzionamento delle soluzioni Audio over IP. Sessione 1 - Le soluzioni Audio over IP: introduzione e panoramica protocolli

Le soluzioni Audio over IP: interoperabilità, ridondanza e remote production - Sessione 2 [IT]

Le soluzioni Audio over IP: caratteristiche e funzionamento (parte prima)

Audio Power Hour: Where Audio Stops and Acoustics Starts

Exploring the complex relationship between audio systems, the environments they are used in and the expectations people have on them. When do you cross the line from electronics to “bricks and mortar”?