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Why is our market research important for your business? It will help you:

  • Determine growing profitable markets
  • Discover how revenue models are changing
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Pinpoint future industry trends key to growth and success
  • Minimize risk when considering a new market
  • Observe trends or changes in buying habits
  • Spot opportunities in existing markets
  • Understand your overall market position

Latest Market Intelligence News

A Return to (and Improvement on) Live

Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence, AVIXA offers this perspective on the increasing role for Pro AV in venues.

The Power of Retail Spending

The pandemic has manufactured more than enough negativity and pessimism to go around. This month’s column begins on that negative note, but that’s not where it ends. Today, we’re talking retail, and AVIXA market research shows it’s a happy story.

How’s the AV Market Doing? We Asked the Experts

Gary was joined on today’s Rants and rAVes podcast by AVIXA’s economic analyst, Peter Hansen, and its senior director of market intelligence, Sean Wargo. Take a look at how the chip shortage will affect your business, when the AV economy will turn around, how UCC sales will shift the market and how 2022’s growth projections look.

What Can We Learn from the AV Labor Market?

The AV labor market is split into two sectors as an effect of the pandemic – one side that is striving, and another that is struggling. AVIXA's Economic Analyst Peter Hansen explains his findings. 

Pro-AV Business Index

AVIXA™, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, has published the monthly Pro AV Business Index since September 2016, gauging sales and employment indicators for the pro AV industry.

Share Your Perspective in Surveys

AVIXA™ invites you to join the association’s Insights Online Community, an exclusive group of industry experts who will help navigate the future course of commercial AV technology.

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Pro-AV Business Index

Integrator | Manufacturer | Designer

AVIXA has published the monthly Pro AV Business Index since September 2016, gauging sales and employment indicators for the pro AV industry. Two diffusion indexes are created using the data, the AV Sales Index (AVI-S) and AV Employment Index (AVI-E).

Limited: Exclusive to Enterprise Members

2021 META Third Edition - Spotlight on Supply

Macro-Economic Trends Analysis (META)

Integrator | Manufacturer | Decision-Maker

Identify global trends affecting the AV industry to help you prepare for and respond to change.

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IOTA Brief - December 2020 


Get an insider’s look into the global pro AV industry.

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2021 IOTA Industry Overview

Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA)


Looking to size the opportunities within pro AV and understand the driving trends? This is your source.

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Pro-AV Channel Employment Report

AV Professional | AV Employer

Recruit new talent, retain quality employees, enhance your workplace. The 2021 report is now here!

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Market Opportunity Analysis Report (MOAR)

Integrator | Manufacturer | Decision-Maker

A must have for those looking to understand the current state of demand for pro AV within vertical markets.

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