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We shed a light on the nearly $300B global pro AV business to help benchmark your business, find areas of growth, and reveal key trends shaping the industry. ​


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What is the current health of the pro AV sector?​

Our monthly AV business index gauges sales and employment among providers of AV solutions. Check here for the latest pulse check on the sector. ​ [PRO AV BUSINESS INDEX]

Where do I find a quick overview of the key trends driving pro AV?​​

The annual State of the Industry report utilizes data from across our various research products to provide a short summary of the factors impacting size and growth of the market. This report is made exclusively available to our enterprise members to provide a general understanding of trends.​​ [STATE OF THE INDUSTRY]

What are the macro-economic factors that are impacting pro AV?​

AVIXA releases a quarterly report that addresses key macro-econ topics like GDP, construction, employment, recession risks, and supply chain. The report is important for anyone wanting to understand the context within which AV exists. ​ [MACRO-ECONOMIC TRENDS ANALYSIS]​

How large is the pro AV industry and how fast is it growing?​​

The annual Industry Outlook Report provides revenue forecasts 5 years back and 5 years forward to gauge end user spending on pro AV products and services. Data is grouped by geography, vertical market, solution areas, and product segments. Use this data for developing your total addressable market estimates.​

What is the current state of end user demand for pro AV?​​​

We gauge demand via a quarterly survey to end user decision makers across 9 countries with questions about capital improvement plans, allocations to AV, staffing levels, project focus, procurement methods, and attitudes towards AV. Results can be segmented by geography and vertical market in an interactive dashboard. Check in to see whether your current sales estimates are supported by top level demand. ​ [MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS REPORTS] ​

What are AV professionals paid?​​​​

Each year, AVIXA collects salary and compensation data from approximately 5000 AV professionals. The results are made available in a salary dashboard and summarized in a report on compensation trends. Whether you are building an AV team or your own career, AVIXA's compensation data can guide your next steps.​

How do I get a general data infusion about the pro AV market?​

Our MI Bundle provides a sampling of components from across our research set so that you can keep up with macro-economic trends, size the market, get a gauge of demand, and understand professional compensation. This is particularly useful for companies seeking financing or just needing data inputs for upcoming strategy work. [MI BUNDLE]

How do I participate in AVIXA surveys?​

Join the AVIXA’s Insights Online Community, an exclusive group of industry experts who will help navigate the future course of commercial AV technology. [INSIGHTS COMMUNITY]



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