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Pro AV Spending is Growing

Pro AV represents a $258 billion industry in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 7.2% from 2021 to 2026, outpacing the broader economy. Explore these insights and more with AVIXA’s market intelligence. 

Why is our market research important for your business? It will help you:

  • Determine growing profitable markets
  • Discover how revenue models are changing
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Pinpoint future industry trends key to growth and success
  • Minimize risk when considering a new market
  • Observe trends or changes in buying habits
  • Spot opportunities in existing markets
  • Understand your overall market position

Latest Market Intelligence News

Hybrid retail therapy: Defining AV’s role for a new era of shopping

We look at AV’s role in this brave new world of immersive video, interactivity and engaging ‘storytelling’.

A Look at Inflation and the Pro AV Market

Sean Wargo and Peter Hansen discuss the effect of inflation in the AV industry. With the economy trending in an ominous direction due to recessionary threats and high inflation looming, what does that mean for pro AV?

The AV Salary Dashboard | AVIXA Intel

Wondering if you are fairly compensated in your AV career? The AV Salary Dashboard puts it all into perspective. Hear from Peter Hansen, AVIXA's Economist, on how the dashboard can help you.

Sound the alarm: How inflation threatens the AV industry

With inflation on the rise across the globe, the AV industry faces a new threat. Reece Webb explores the drivers and potential solutions to the global cost crisis. 

Control rooms: All change

Among the most vital of all AV applications, control rooms have evolved in the last year or two, in terms of their size, scope, complexity, and the vertical markets that use them. Paul Bray finds out why.

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Pro-AV Business Index

Integrator | Manufacturer | Designer

AVIXA has published the monthly Pro AV Business Index since September 2016, gauging sales & employment indicators for the pro AV industry. Two diffusion indexes are created using the data, the AV Sales Index (AVI-S) and AV Employment Index (AVI-E).

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Macro-Economic Trends Analysis (META)

Integrator | Manufacturer | Decision-Maker

Identify global trends affecting the AV industry to help you prepare for and respond to change.

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Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA)


Looking to size the opportunities within pro AV and understand the driving trends? This is your source.

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Pro-AV Compensation

AV Professional | AV Employer

Find out the value of AV related skills and experience to you or your company through a salary dashboard and a full report on the state of employment in AV.

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Market Opportunity Analysis Report (MOAR)

Integrator | Manufacturer | Decision-Maker

A must have for those looking to understand the current state of demand for pro AV within vertical markets.

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