AV Technology in Venues Attracts and Engages Fans

Venues face competition from fans’ own homes. Outfitting the spaces with video walls, ribbons, advanced audio systems, virtual reality games, and more to creates a shared unique experience that cannot be found at home.

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What Could the Future of Live Events Look Like? | AV Trends

As we look to the future, what technologies could influence how we experience live events? Look no further than VR and holograms.


AV Took Center Stage at the 2022 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Elite athletes from around the world travelled to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics to test their skills and compete for gold. As impressive as their skills was the innovative ways AV was implemented during the opening ceremony.



Integrate is Australia's premier annual AV and Integration trade show. This two-day event is a hub of activity for local and global brands to showcase solutions and products to AV technicians and corporate end users, meet with buyers, integrators and distributors, and celebrate the latest industry developments.


Celebrating the New Year Around the World | AV Experiences

At the end of every year, many cities celebrate the end of one year, and the start of a new beginning. With the fireworks and parties setting the stage, AV plays a part in enhancing the celebratory spirit. Take a look at how AV enhanced a few of the celebrations around the world. Read more about AV experiences at


Merging Art and AV with Van Gogh | AV Experiences

Have you ever visited an art museum and wondered what it would be like if the pieces came to life? The Van Gogh Immersive Experience hopes to achieve that using the magic of AV technology. AVIXA recently visited the tour's stop in Washington, DC to learn more about the AV phenomenon on tour.


A Look Back at the 2020 AVX Award Winners

The Audiovisual Experience Awards celebrates and showcases the innovative integration of content, space, and technology to create or enhance an experience. Here's a look back at the winners of the inaugural 2020 AVX Awards. Read more about more at the


Lighting up the Olympic Skies with Drones | AV Experiences

On July 23, 2021, the world tuned in to watch the opening ceremony of the 32nd Olympiad in Tokyo, Japan. Viewers were treated to a spectacular light show, featuring 1800+ drones flying in a synchronized routine. As the world unite in the name of sport, AV played a part in making the celebrations a unique experience to remember. Read more about how AV can enhance


Emerging Technologies In Sports Venues|AV Trends

From people to processes to systems, sports venues have rewritten their organizational readiness plans to ensure health and safety without sacrificing the experience. Read more about


Emerging Technologies to Prioritize While Reopening Your Venue to Fans

By Jared Frank

Fans and employees have safely returned to live events across the sports and entertainment industry. And a lot has changed after a year of inactivity in the venue marketplace. From people to processes to systems, teams have rewritten their organizational readiness plans to ensure health and safety without sacrificing the experience.


The Many Sides of Digital Signage

By Krystle Murphy

This past December, AVIXA and the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) hosted the two-day virtual conference, called D=SIGN, to explore the world of digital signage.


Seeing New Tech Is Important, But Trade Shows Are Also About Re-Connecting With Your Industry

By David Haynes

Vendors and attendees can debate the merits of a focused trade show for the digital signage industry, and even the squishy merits of the term digital signage, but one thing that the pandemic has made very evident is a need and desire for the collective industry to get together.


L'Architettura dell'Informazione nei sistemi AV - 10 mar 2021

Che si sia tecnici o spettatori, l'importanza della user experience e user interface nei sistemi AV è maggiore di quanto si pensi. L'Architettura dell'Informazione è la disciplina che si occupa della corretta progettazione degli apparati ed ambienti fisici o digitali per la giusta esperienza dell'utente. Si tratta quindi di un processo progettuale coerente ai principi cardine della progettazione e del project management. Webinar a cura di Pier Luigi Forte, Project Manager, MOLPASS


What Does the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Mean for AV? | AVIXA Intel

Recently, the massive $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill was passed in the United States to help jump start the economy. As AV looks to recover through 2021, what does the stimulus bill mean for the industry and its verticals? Peter Hansen, AVIXA's Economic Analyst, breaks it down. Join the insights community and be a part of the conversation:


Didattica, eventi, meeting: il ruolo delle tecnologie tra sfide e opportunità - 09 dec 2020

Come stanno cambiando le tecnologie integrate in ambito AV per la necessità di connettere gli utenti da siti remoti? Quali sono le caratteristiche delle varie modalità di gestione? Webinar a cura di Leonardo Castellani, CTS, Senior Engineering Project Manager di 3P Technologies SRL. In collaborazione con SIEC


Sapere, tecnologie e conoscenza: una continua evoluzione - 02 dec 2020

La pandemia ha accelerato il processo di digitalizzazione in diversi ambiti. In questo webinar vedremo come sta cambiando lo studio della medicina con l’introduzione di nuove tecnologie, che modificheranno in breve tempo il nostro modo di apprendere. Webinar a cura di Luca Sancricca, Chief Innovation and Education Officer di WinchNext srl

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Come si possono identificare e progettare nuove soluzioni di cablaggio che siano in grado di supportare al meglio le tecnologie AVoIP di ultima generazione? È importante definire un progetto di rete che consenta trasmissioni affidabili implementando le nuove tecnologie a livello impiantistico. In questo webinar si analizzeranno le modalità per risolvere le problematiche inerenti alla cablatura che possono rivelarsi un ostacolo per un'adeguata qualità del servizio per applicazioni video ad alta definizione. Webinar a cura di Alberto Zucchinali, Senior Technical Manager, The Siemon Company

Enterprise audio is more important than ever as companies navigate the new dynamics of a hybrid workforce. InfoComm 2022 is covering the latest trends and technology for conferencing audio as well as audio concepts that all techs should know.

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Gabriele Gianni is the first Italian AV-professional to achieve CTS-I certification

Startup Embodme is working on a breakthrough touchless technology that they will be bringing to showcase at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas.