Use Audiovisual Technology to Create Guest Engagement, Delight, and Brand Loyalty 

The next generation of guests need reasons to choose hotels over emerging options like Airbnb.  AV technology helps brands create integrated energized experiences in spaces like lobbies, and technology options in conference and collaboration spaces that private homes cannot compete with. The strategic use of AV technology can be a differentiator for a savvy hospitality brand. 

Get an unbiased source of information and direct connection to the industry with AVIXA (The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) the global trade association for the audiovisual industry. AVIXA serves as a hub for professional collaboration and community, and is the leading resource for AV standardscertificationtrainingmarket intelligence, and thought leadership. We invite hospitality industry professionals to learn more about pro AV and connect with our community. Explore our collection resources curated for hospitality professionals below.

According to AVIXA’s 2020 Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) the hospitality market spent $8.7 billion on pro AV products and services in 2020 and the market is growing at a CAGR of 5.9%. Explore our market intelligence to understand how and where your peers are investing to stay competitive in years to come.

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Case Study

LG & Peerless-AV Installed Largest Hospitality dvLED Display in Canada

Having previously worked on many dvLED projects with LG Electronics Canada, Inc. (LG Canada), NovMega knew LG Canada would be the perfect collaborator.


A Look Back at the 2020 AVX Award Winners

The Audiovisual Experience Awards celebrates and showcases the innovative integration of content, space, and technology to create or enhance an experience. Here's a look back at the winners of the inaugural 2020 AVX Awards. Read more about more at the


Audio over IP per la distribuzione di musica di sottofondo: pianificazione, gestione e controllo - 05 may 21

La presentazione copre tematiche tecniche relative alla distribuzione di musica di sottofondo per il mercato dell’’ “In-Store Music”. Si partirà da un'introduzione relativa all’importanza della BGM in locali pubblici per poi approfondire sulle componenti tecniche che permettono la sua distribuzione. Webinar a cura di Davide Nossa, Project Manager, BARIX

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Inside Look: Planet Word l AVIXA Webinars

A perfect showcase of the advances made in both voice technology and museum interactives, D.C.’s Planet Word utilizes augmented reality, voice recognition, and many more clever tricks to shift the way we interact with media.


The Many Sides of Digital Signage

By Krystle Murphy

This past December, AVIXA and the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) hosted the two-day virtual conference, called D=SIGN, to explore the world of digital signage.


Seeing New Tech Is Important, But Trade Shows Are Also About Re-Connecting With Your Industry

By David Haynes

Vendors and attendees can debate the merits of a focused trade show for the digital signage industry, and even the squishy merits of the term digital signage, but one thing that the pandemic has made very evident is a need and desire for the collective industry to get together.


riParti con AVIXA - Tecnologie AV per il welfare - 19 nov 2020

In questa puntata di “riParti con AVIXA” Roberto Vogliolo intervista Luca Facta, Segretario di Confcooperative Federsolidarietà e Sanità Piemonte, per parlare di tecnologie AV e di come queste possano essere d'aiuto nell'ambito del welfare e delle attività delle imprese cooperative del settore socio-sanitario.


What Does the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Mean for AV? | AVIXA Intel

Recently, the massive $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill was passed in the United States to help jump start the economy. As AV looks to recover through 2021, what does the stimulus bill mean for the industry and its verticals? Peter Hansen, AVIXA's Economic Analyst, breaks it down. Join the insights community and be a part of the conversation:


Embracing the Digitization of Physical Spaces

One of the areas that global companies are starting to show greater interest is the digitization of physical spaces. It is part of their business strategies and demand solutions that go beyond conventional digital signage. This is very clear in retail, hospitality, or banking sectors, so they look for suppliers that help them generate a brand experience to attract, interact, surprise, inform, and connect with their consumers. Read more about how companies are using technology to go beyond digital signage:


Sapere, tecnologie e conoscenza: una continua evoluzione - 02 dec 2020

La pandemia ha accelerato il processo di digitalizzazione in diversi ambiti. In questo webinar vedremo come sta cambiando lo studio della medicina con l’introduzione di nuove tecnologie, che modificheranno in breve tempo il nostro modo di apprendere. Webinar a cura di Luca Sancricca, Chief Innovation and Education Officer di WinchNext srl


Le tecnologie WEB-RTC AV over IP e BYOD applicate all’interpretariato in simultanea per eventi multilingua - 18 mar 2020

Sulla scia della BYOD technology e del WEB-RTC AV over IP, si fanno strada nuove modalità di concepire e realizzare i servizi di traduzione simultanea per eventi e conferenze. L’hardware lascia lo spazio al software, portando con sé infiniti vantaggi, ma anche dubbi sulla gestione di tale servizio e sulla distribuzione dei segnali audio alla platea. Webinar a cura di Giulio Monaco, General Manager, Ablio e Marzia De Pietro, Marketing Manager, Ablio.


Tecnologie AV per la società 4.0 - 22 may 2019

Gli sviluppi tecnologici sempre più dirompenti nei settori convergenti di AV, ICT e Big Data avranno un impatto decisivo nel cambiamento e nell’innovazione della società, generando nuovi modelli di servizi alla persona e al cittadino. Webinar a cura di Roberto Vogliolo, Co-founder & President, UX-men sc


Open Source System per realizzare sistemi AV integrati - 04 dec 2019

In questo webinar sarà presentata una panoramica delle principali piattaforme open source orientate alla costruzione di sistemi multimediali per musei e punti vendita fornendo informazioni utili su come affrontare una progettazione includendo soluzioni hardware/software libere da licenza. Webinar a cura di Michele Fucci, Co-Founder, Multimedia Architect e AV System Engineer,


Connected Lighting - Le nuove frontiere dell’illuminazione PoE - 17 oct 2018

Lo sviluppo delle tecnologie IoT (Internet of Things) sta rivoluzionando il mondo dell’illuminazione che, grazie al basso consumo dei LED, diventa un servizio di rete che prende alimentazione dalla rete stessa in modalità PoE (Power over Ethernet). Webinar a cura di Carlo Novelli, Marketing Manager, INTERMARK SISTEMI In collaborazione con SIEC


Audio Video Control per il museo 4.0 - 06 apr 2018

I sistemi integrati e l’utilizzo di tecnologie AV sempre più innovative offrono l’opportunità per rendere l’esperienza di visita più ricca e gratificante con soluzioni che rendono più semplice, emozionante e istruttiva la fruizione da parte dei visitatori del contenuto. Webinar a cura di Leonardo Castellani, Project Engineer, 3P Technologies Srl In collaborazione con SIEC


Convergenza AV e IOT per la gestione di spazi smart - 15 apr 2020

In questo contesto di rapida evoluzione di mercato, le tecnologie AVC svolgono un ruolo determinante in continua crescita per la naturale integrazione con altri impianti e sistemi presenti all’interno degli edifici. Webinar a cura di Roberto Vogliolo, President & Co-Founder, Redrim


Protecting your LED Video Wall

By David Haynes

Direct View LED video walls are increasingly THE walls in a variety of environments, from flagship retail to shopping mall concourses. They can look amazing, but they can also make people who have experience with LED very nervous - because LEDs and the general public don't always play well together.


DV-LED has Mainstreamed, But Much of Pro AV is Still Learning the Tech

By David Haynes

Direct view LED has rapidly become a mainstream product in digital signage, but while the display technology is seeing rapid and diverse adoption, it’s clear much of the pro AV ecosystem is still trying to sort out what it is and how to differentiate the huge assortment of products and suppliers.


2021 Trends: Seeing Yourself in Digital Signage

By Kirsten Nelson

As we look ahead to the next year and wonder how brands and retailers will communicate with us, we’re going to hold them to a high standard: how human are your virtual experiences? Video content and apps are more than just placeholders and distractions, they need to connect, immerse and understand us.


Industry Insights: Opportunities for Digital Signage to Contribute to Public Safety

By Jonathan Brawn, CTS

Digital signage has recently proven to be a critical part of our business strategy due to COVID-19. One which has forced a radical change in our business, as our collective customers have adapted to this new situation. Digital signage is one aspect of our business that has not necessarily declined or been delayed.

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