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Alan Brawn, 

CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DCME, DSNE, DSSP, ISF-C, is a principal of Brawn Consulting LLC, an audio visual and digital signage consulting, educational development, and market intelligence firm with international exposure to major manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and integrators. Brawn is an AV industry veteran with experience spanning three decades and is a recognized author for leading AV industry magazines and newsletters.

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To Be of Not to Be…That is the AV Question

Audiovisual and Information Technology certifications are essential for professionals and technology buyers. Discover why they matter for success.


AI Reality Check

Artificial Intelligence promises significant gains, but there are concerns about its disruptive effects. Will AI become the “be all and end all”?


Perception is (Still) Reality in Our Virtual World

Data shows that with face-to-face interactions, there are more opportunities to make good first impressions, but what are we to do about digital interactions? Let's address digital communication from the AV perspective.


AV / IT Convergence: Skills and Gaps to Breach?

AV and IT are not 'fully' converged and probably will never totally be, but there is convergence. This begs the question of what drives these distinct “camps” to work together and, yes, converge.


The Journey to ATSC 3.0, with Pro AV and Digital Signage Implications

Exploring the evolution of broadcast video standards, and, most importantly, where we are today with the launch of the ATSC 3.0 standards.


The Evolution of dvLED: From DIP and SMD to Mini and Micro

A look into the current state of affairs and a peek into the foreseeable future regarding dvLED categories and names.


IP Ratings Explained, and More!

Ingress protection (IP) ratings affect audio and video electronics and any electrical component in a system. The objective here is to explain why IP ratings are essential, what they mean, and what might be needed in your project design.


Omni-Channel Has Changed the Digital Signage Experience

Yes, omni-channel is still a thing and digital signage has elevated it.