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The human experience is at the center of AV. With conferencing and collaboration, AV connects people. This topics page will help you find all that you need to know about how to harness these technologies with articles, technical tips and case studies that show how AV creates innovative solutions.

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Rethink How You Troubleshoot Soft Codec Conferencing Systems

By Annette Sandler

In a recent Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour Pete Coman, Master Systems Designer at PTS, asks AVI-SPL Project Engineer Holly Clausen, CTS, how troubleshooting for conferencing systems has changed. Reconsidering the approach is just one part of the equation.


Video Conferencing and Collaboration Market Worth $22.5 Billion by 2026

By Joey Davis

Spurred by the global pandemic and the transitioning to remote workforce, a new report projects the conferencing and collaboration market will grow exponentially in the next five years.


Collaborative Solutions Hit Mainstream

By Krystle Murphy

Conferencing & collaboration tools are the future. This article explores the potential of cloud collaboration and the role audiovisual pros play in it.


Didattica multiroom a distanza: come realizzare un sistema di gestione AVe [IT]

Sfruttando case history ed esempi applicativi, sarà illustrato come realizzare un sistema di gestione per la didattica a distanza multiroom con controllo integrato per audio, video e telecamere. Sarà possibile acquisire nozioni di base sul controllo integrato di audio video e telecamere per la didattica a distanza, tema in costante ascesa in questo particolare periodo storico.


Videowall per Sale Controllo, Meeting Room e Digital Signage [IT]

Il webinar si propone di offrire ai partecipanti gli elementi e gli strumenti per la progettazione di un videowall in tre diverse modalità applicative: Sale Comando e Controllo, Sale Riunioni e Digital Signage. L'obiettivo è di trasferire le competenze e le best-practice necessarie alla progettazione e alla realizzazione di un videowall per ogni tipologia di applicazione, tenendo conto delle finalità espresse dal cliente finale.

Case Study

5 Successful Pivots to Virtual - and What You Can Learn From Them

As people continue to get themselves remote ready in this new video-first reality, leaders and IT professionals are facing big questions: what’s the best way to ramp up a remote work initiative? What’s the right mix of technology? How do I take my events virtual?


Audio Video Over IP: cos'è e come si differenzia dalle classiche tecnologie AV [IT]

Una analisi approfondita delle tecnologie di estensione e distribuzione del segnale AV, con un particolare focus sull'Over IP, i suoi punti di forza e le sue differenze rispetto alle tecnologie AV più classiche.


L’Architettura dell’Informazione nei sistemi AV [IT]

L'Architettura dell'Informazione è la disciplina che si occupa della corretta progettazione degli apparati ed ambienti fisici o digitali per la giusta esperienza dell'utente. Si tratta quindi di un processo progettuale coerente ai principi cardine della progettazione e del project management. L'Architettura dell'Informazione è quindi uno strumento di maggior precisione nella progettazione dei sistemi AV poiché pone maggiormente l'attenzione sugli aspetti qualitativi dell'esperienza utente.

Case Study

Road to the Congreso AVIXA 2021: The San Diego State University Online Lessons Challenge

By Franciele Mesadri

This article is a preview of the case story that the San Diego State University team will present during the next AVIXA 2021 Congress: Technologies for education today and tomorrow, which will take place virtually from April 27 to 30.


Kay Sargent presents “Work in a COVID Era”

By Sam Molineaux

At the recent Almo Pro AV E4Evolution event, which this year took place all online, Kay Sargent, Senior Principal Director of WorkPlace at design, architecture, engineering, and planning firm HOK, illuminated the ways in which the pandemic has forced a change in the way people all over the world get through their working day.


Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour: Troubleshooting Conferencing Systems

In this webinar, learn how to determine the common causes of a poor conferencing experience. Review what to look for and the right questions to ask to determine whether it’s the system, room, or user. The discussion will also include the best ways to quickly zero in on possible issues and promptly fix the problem.


Teaching from Your Truck: A Truly Mobile Office Built on the Fundamental Concepts of AV Design

By Zachary Fisher

While far from over, we have an end of the COVID pandemic in sight with the administration of vaccines. It might be some time before we return to normal, but as, and especially after, we defeat the virus that has brought so many changes to our work environments, we shouldn’t lose the innovation and lessons learned from our going through it.


Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour: The Future of Collaboration is Here

After a year of rapid advancement and investment in conferencing technologies, our technology wish-lists have all been fulfilled. Now is the time to deliver on the future of collaboration by configuring and deploying systems with a consistently low-friction user experience. Today’s users have no tolerance or time to figure out a system that does not simply work the way they need it to. Start the shift to focus on perfecting the user interface and eliminate dysfunction. Workspace trends are moving towards smaller, more flexible spaces, with more remote working over the long-term according to AVIXA’s IOTA report. Corporate technology managers and integrators can get the latest on key developments and trends for the digital workplace in AVIXA’s monthly Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour.


2021 Trends: More Collaboration Between Machines and Humans

By Kirsten Nelson

Maybe at this point in the pandemic we’ve all sat at a virtual conference table with an avatar or two, read about how collaboration is going to happen in a mixed reality landscape and entertained ideas about how an AI might replace a few number-crunching execs someday. But there’s still a surprising amount of talk about humans when we look at the year ahead.


Industry Insights: Opportunities for Digital Signage to Contribute to Public Safety

By Jonathan Brawn, CTS

Digital signage has recently proven to be a critical part of our business strategy due to COVID-19. One which has forced a radical change in our business, as our collective customers have adapted to this new situation. Digital signage is one aspect of our business that has not necessarily declined or been delayed.


2021 Trends: Continuing to Enhance Hybrid Classroom Technology

By Kirsten Nelson

Now that nearly all learning has a significant online component, and schools of all types will be endeavoring far to make a hybrid approach work for the foreseeable future, the outlook for 2021 places an emphasis on refinement of tools and practices. Particularly within higher education, where a hybrid approach to learning was already on the rise.


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