MOAR Report: Hospitality

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What It Is

AVIXA’s 2018 MOAR: Hospitality investigates the opportunities and challenges offered by the hospitality vertical to providers of pro-AV solutions and technologies.

Who Should Read?

Any providers of AV solutions, who are either currently serving hospitality clients or have interest in doing so. Facilities managers at hotels and restaurants may also be interested to learn more about how the provider community seeks to help them address their technology solution needs.

How to Use?

The MOAR: Hospitality report is a must-have for providers looking to understand the business needs of hotels/restaurants/casinos as they seek to provide services to the vertical. The report provides useful data and insight for building out both strategic and tactical plans for entering the market or continuing their efforts.

What It Says?

  • The hospitality vertical is a thriving market.
    The hospitality market encompasses several areas and is a large part of the U.S. workforce and revenue. The accommodations sector on its own is responsible for 4.2 million U.S. jobs and the generation of $293 billion in revenue. Given the consumer shift from spending money on “things” to spending on “experiences,” this demand in this market is on the rise.
  • Pro AV will benefit from the shift from “basics” to “beyond.”
    The hospitality industry has consistently been one of innovation, not only to help them streamline processes, but also to push beyond the current guest expectations to provide unique, memorable experiences for their customers. Hotels and restaurants must differentiate themselves in the competitive landscape to survive and are using technology to help them.

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