Highlighting the Trends That Matter

Explore the global trends impacting the pro AV industry from the outside in. The AVIXA META, or Macro-Economic Trends Analysis, Annual and Quarterly Reports, look at the trends to watch for any firm working within the space. Referred to under the umbrella of macroeconomics, these trends include the economic, sociological, political, demographic, and technological changes AVIXA expects to have the largest impacts on the pro AV industry and its constituents.

Find out:

  • What segments of AV AI will most impact--including where it's already happening
  • What are the AV-specific pitfalls you won't see in other AV news
  • How to get past the hype to find the most promising investments.

META Quarterly Reports

The META Quarterly Reports are only offered to Silver and Gold AVIXA members for free. Make sure you are logged into to see the META reports!






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META Annual Report

NOTE: In 2022, we shifted from publishing an annual macroeconomic report to an annual state of the industry overview encompassing information from all our research efforts, which can be accessed here. All Annual Reports are an exclusive benefit available to anyone who works at an AVIXA Bronze, Silver or Gold member company.