Are you being paid enough? Want to know if your company is paying market rates for talent? Check out the AV Salary Dashboard.

Looking for a more comprehensive analysis of the AV job market and the state of employment? Check out the Pro AV Channel Employment Report.

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AV Salary Dashboard

What It Is

This dashboard allows you to dig into data from our global salary study and customize it for you or your company. Gauge specific positions market value and explore how you can change your market value. What is the market value of, for example, a technician in a city in the northeast United States with a bachelors, a CTS, and 10 years of experience? What about an engineer in Italy, with a masters, no certifications, and three years of experience? How would their market value change if they added a CTS?

Who Should Purchase It?

Whether you are an individual AV professional or a corporate HR department hiring AV professionals, the salary dashboard offers useful data. As described below, we offer one purchase option tailored to individuals and another tailored to corporate HR departments.  

Interested in Learning More?

Watch this video to hear from Peter Hansen, AVIXA's Economist, on how the AV Salary Dashboard can help you.

How to Use It?

Based upon those two profiles, we offer two different subscriptions to the dashboard as follows:

  • An individual option, designed to help AV professionals who want to know if they are being fairly compensated. You can also use this version to see how changing roles, earning certifications or taking more education could boost your earning potential. This option gives you one month of dashboard access, and will serve your needs any time you are career planning, job searching, or negotiating pay. Purchase one month's access for $99 below.
  • An enterprise option, designed for companies who are considering numerous hiring decisions, salary negotiations, and workforce development initiatives throughout the year. This option will give you a year of dashboard access and comes with a copy of the Pro AV Channel Employment Report, which includes additional details about skills, benefits, and employment market conditions. Purchase a year’s access below and also get a copy of the Pro AV Channel Employment Report.

View the FAQs

Learn more about the dashboards via our FAQs based on your intended usage.

Have you already purchased the AV Salary Dashboard? Click here to access it.

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Pro AV Channel Employment Report

What It Is

In the 2023 META: Pro AV Channel Employment Report, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding jobs in the pro AV sector. We start with a look at the macroeconomy and its impact on the labor market before launching a detailed dive into worker pay. As part of that dive, we compare pay around the world, between end users and providers, and by worker traits like education and experience. We then look at the most common worker skills and study the salary impact of certification. We close with analysis beyond the dollars, measuring common benefits and worker satisfaction throughout the industry. New sections this year cover parental leave and how to draw AV workers.

Who Should Read?

Anyone who seeks to hire skilled AV professionals will find the Channel Employment Report a must-read to understand the employment landscape of this unique field.

How to Use?

The report provides key information to understanding compensation and benefits in the pro AV industry. The comprehensive data provide a baseline of comparison for human resource efforts, including hiring, retention, and workforce development.

What It Says?

  • Discover what you need to pay AV professionals to stay competitive based on your region, their experience, the job role, and more.
  • After record pro AV revenue growth in 2022, the labor market is exceptionally difficult for companies, both for recruiting and retention.
  • We leveraged our strong sample to split out two new job categories this year: Project Manager and Live Events Technician. That means more specific salaries for your benchmarking needs!
  • How does compensation all add up to satisfaction? We even include the satisfaction question from our survey so you can directly benchmark your own workforce against industry numbers.

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