“How can we help the growth of the AV Industry?” “What is AVIXA doing?”

These are questions we hear from our members … a lot.

Here's one way we're developing qualified AV professionals: partnering with education institutions. These collaborative relationships build pathways for more students to enter our industry.

Through these programs, AVIXA provides schools with curriculum that introduces students to fundamentals of audio, video, networking, and other necessary skills for providing AV solutions and experiences. AVIXA will also give students the resources needed to gain their CTS® certification before entering the AV workforce.

Here’s how you can work with AVIXA to get our curriculum in your school (or a school near you):

  1. Start the conversation with institutions in your area.
  2. Check out and share these resources with institutions.
  3. Discuss available curriculum options with AVIXA.
  4. Discuss and sign a non-disclosure agreement to explore AVIXA courses.
  5. Establish membership with AVIXA.
  6. Draft and sign a memorandum of understanding with AVIXA to obtain selected curriculum materials.
  7. Provide career support for students who complete the program.

Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone. AVIXA will be there every step of the way.

To get involved or learn more about AVIXA’s workforce development initiatives, contact us:

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"We were looking to create a new program to address these needs when we first connected with AVIXA. It turned out to be a perfect match. Our plan is to become the premier site for AV technician training in New England. There is a clear demand and great jobs waiting."
— Larson Rogers, Chair of the Computer Technology Department, BFIT


How One Woman is Inspiring the Next Generation

Joanne Ladio, CTS®, DSCE, Audiovisual Specialist at Michigan-based NBS Commercial Interiors, wondered why are there so few women in technology roles in the industry. Here's how she is changing that.

The AVIXA Foundation Grant Program

The AVIXA Foundation Grant Program is the pro-AV industry's internship and mentoring program. 


Help Students Explore the AV Industry

Share these resources with students, parents and anyone who is curious about AV careers.


AVIXA Foundation Funds Scholarships

The AVIXA Foundation funds scholarships to address the industry's need for a high-quality workforce. 


Create a Tech Crew at Your Local School

Find out how Knox Grammar School in Sydney, Australia is teaching the next generation in AV. And maybe you’ll get inspired to do the same!

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