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From defining processes and requirements, to promoting reliable performance of AV systems, AVIXA standards can increase your competitive advantage.

Standards In Development

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Published Standards Under Revision


Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification

This Standard provides a framework and supporting processes for determining elements of an audiovisual system that need to be verified; the timing of that verification within the project delivery cycle; a process for determining verification metrics and reporting procedures.

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New Standards Under Development


Dynamic Range in Audiovisual Systems

This Standard characterize the required SPL from an audio system, recommend a signal-to-noise ratio for different venue types, and provide measurement techniques using commonly available test equipment.

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User Experience Design for Audiovisual Systems

UX 701.01
This Standard will highlight key steps, actions and review / approval gateways required to achieve a successful User Experience Design for Audio Visual Systems and the related technologies with which they are integrated. This standard is currently in development.

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A Behind-the Scenes Look at AVIXA’s New Rack Design Standard

AVIXA’s Rack Design for Audiovisual Systems standard completes the pair of standards aimed at formalizing guidelines for efficient design and integration of racks in AV systems. In this story, to co-moderators of the task group for this standard offer some insight into the new standard and how it was developed.

Kenneth Ng

Volunteer Spotlight

Hear from Kenneth Ng, Chief Executive Officer, Mojoworx Asia Limited Hong Kong, a task group member on the new Rack Design standard. He shares his rewarding experience of working on standards development — including the friendships.