Standards In Development

High quality AV systems with consistent, measurable performance. Discover how AVIXA's Standards will get you there.

Image System Contrast Ratio

(revises ANSI/INFOCOMM 3M-2011 - formerly PISCR)
This standard defines projected image system contrast ratio and its measurement.

Standard Guide for Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Processes

(revises ANSI/INFOCOMM 2M-2010)
This standard defines a process for determining tasks, responsibilities, documents, and deliverables required for professional audiovisual communication systems. 

User Experience Design for Audiovisual Systems

The standard will highlight key steps, actions and review / approval gateways required to achieve a successful User Experience Design for Audio Visual Systems and the related technologies with which they are integrated.

Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification

This standard provides a framework and supporting processes for determining elements of an audiovisual system that need to be verified; the timing of that verification within the project delivery cycle; a process for determining verification metrics and reporting procedures.

Cable Labeling for Audiovisual Systems

This Standard defines requirements for audiovisual system cable labeling for a variety of venues. It provides requirements for easy identification of all power and signal paths in a completed audiovisual system to aid in operation, support, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Audiovisual Systems Energy Management 

(revises ANSI/INFOCOMM 4:2012)
This standard defines and prescribes processes and requirements for ongoing power-consumption management of the audiovisual (AV) system.

Dynamic Range in Audiovisual Systems

This standard will characterize the required SPL from an audio system, recommend a signal-to-noise ratio for different venue types, and provide measurement techniques using commonly available test equipment.

Sound System Spectral Balance

This standard provides a characterization of and a procedure to measure spectral balance, with criteria for use in the design and commissioning of audio systems.

Audio Coverage Uniformity in Listener Areas

(revises AVIXA A102.01:2017)
This Standard defines parameters for characterizing a sound system’s coverage of defined listener areas. It provides performance classifications and measurement procedures to assess the uniformity of coverage of a sound system’s early arriving sound, with the goal of achieving consistent sound pressure levels throughout defined listener areas. This is accomplished by measuring the uniformity of coverage of the early arriving sound from the loudspeaker system throughout the listener area.
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