Market Intelligence Bundle


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What it is:

The MI Bundle is a sampling of our various market intelligence products for those with a variety of questions about the industry, such as: 

  • What are the outside factors influencing the pro AV market?
    Answered through a one-year subscription to our macro-economic report series (META) , normally only available to our silver and gold enterprise members
  • How large is the pro AV industry and what are the areas of highest growth?
    Shown through a Powerpoint summary of the industry forecast, called the Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis ( IOTA ). For more information about the IOTA study, click here. Note that full access to the IOTA dashboard is not included.
  • What are end users planning?
    A year (4 quarters) of summaries from our end-user demand study, the Market Opportunity Analysis Reports (MOAR), provides answers. For additional information about the methodology behind MOAR, click here. Access to the full MOAR dashboard is not included.
  • What is the current state of compensation for AV professionals?
    The bundle includes a single year of our annual Channel Employment Report covering the latest employment trends, along with a year subscription to the pro AV salary dashboard.
All of this is available for $4,999 with discounts for silver and gold enterprise members.

Who should buy:

Many companies often find themselves in a situation where they need data to help with an upcoming strategic planning session or for due diligence as part of a finance round. Anyone needing a deeper understanding of pro AV and its underlying opportunities and challenges is a great candidate. This includes integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and financial firms. Membership in AVIXA is also not required for purchase, though silver and gold enterprise members are eligible for discounts.

How to use:

Each of the reports within the bundle offers a wealth of summarized data, visualizations and insight into specific aspects of pro AV. After purchasing the bundle, users can go to the My Downloads page of their, where they will find the reports as they are published throughout the year. A link to the salary dashboard will also be provided. Users should note that not all reports will be available at the time of the purchase.

What it says:

With each report offering something different, take a look at the linked product pages above for specific examples and more details about their underlying methodologies.

To purchase, click the button below, or for those needing more information, please fill out the form below, and an MI representative will reach out to you.