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What It Is

In the 2019 META: Pro-AV Channel Employment Report, we take a comprehensive approach to understanding jobs in the pro-AV sector. We start with a look at market size before diving into a position-by-position analysis of worker pay. We also analyze benefits, an increasingly important component of total compensation. Finally, we assess skills requirements in the market, measuring the demand for IT skills and workers with CTS certifications.

Who Should Read?

Anyone who seeks to hire skilled AV professionals will find the Channel Employment Report a must read to understand the employment landscape of this unique field.

How to Use?

The report provides key information to understanding the types of jobs and skills required by AV integration firms. As in years past, the compensation and benefits data provide a baseline of comparison for human resource efforts. All of this is crucial for resource planning within any provider firm.

What It Says?

  • Pro-AV pays well.
    Our survey shows the average pro-AV worker out-earns the average American by about 60 percent. Even the low-paid jobs in pro-AV out-earn the U.S. national median salary.
  • Demand for skills is increasing.
    Our data show businesses are looking for more and more skills when hiring new workers. IT skills in particular are growing in importance to pro-AV. Part of the demand for skills is reflected by the frequency of preference for CTS holders, who are preferred in almost every job, including sales and senior management roles.
  • The pro-AV labor market is tight.
    In pro AV, reports abound about how difficult it is to find skilled workers to hire. Businesses commonly cite this as the biggest challenge they are facing today. Yet, wage growth is low. Evidence suggest businesses are responding to the hiring pinch by relaxing standards to hire less skilled or less experienced workers.

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