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image2As an IATSE Training Trust Fund beneficiary, you have special access to renowned AV-specific training and AVIXA membership benefits. Explore how AVIXA can ease your stress at your next event — plus, help you prepare to earn the coveted CTS credential.



Classes included in the partnership are specific to your needs as a member of the entertainment industry.

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IATSE Education Program

New: Audiovisual Fundamentals for Stagehands, part of the AVIXA/IATSE Training Trust Fund Live Event Technician Certificate.

image3AVIXA-Recognized AV Technologist Certificate Program

After completing Quick Start and Essentials, take the free AV Technologist test online and get recognition for your AV training. Although not a certification, the AV Technologist Certificate can act as a bridge to AVIXA’s ANSI-accredited certification program.


Regional CTS Prep

The Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) program is recognized worldwide as the leading AV professional credential and is accredited by ANSI.

To help prepare for the exam, AVIXA/IATSE Training Trust Fund beneficiaries can take regional CTS Prep courses at no cost.

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Advance Your Career

CTS Prep touched on everything that was on the test and was a great help in passing the test my first try. I feel like I now have the credentials to go into pretty much any AV situation and do good work.” — Gregory McDonald, CTS, Local 927, IATSE
Upcoming Events
Le soluzioni Audio over IP: interoperabilità, ridondanza e remote production - Sessione 1 [IT]

In questo corso in collaborazione con Audiosales e DirectOut verranno presentate le caratteristiche e il funzionamento delle soluzioni Audio over IP. Sessione 1 - Le soluzioni Audio over IP: introduzione e panoramica protocolli

Le soluzioni Audio over IP: interoperabilità, ridondanza e remote production - Sessione 2 [IT]

Le soluzioni Audio over IP: caratteristiche e funzionamento (parte prima)

Audio Power Hour: Where Audio Stops and Acoustics Starts

Exploring the complex relationship between audio systems, the environments they are used in and the expectations people have on them. When do you cross the line from electronics to “bricks and mortar”?