Conferencing and Collaboration

Conferencing and Collaboration

The human experience is at the center of AV. With conferencing and collaboration, AV connects people. This topics page will help you find all that you need to know about how to harness these technologies with articles, technical tips and case studies that show how AV creates innovative solutions.

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Conferencing and Collaboration
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The Utilization of Corporate Spaces in 2024 | Xceptional Insights


While the corporate environment has evolved to include work from home solutions over the years, the in-person experience has continued to introduce new technologies and trends. In this episode of XI, Sean and Peter explore how the corporate spaces are being utilized in 2024.


How Spatial Audio Helps our Brains Perceive Sound Differently

While you may have heard the buzz around spatial audio, it's more than industry chatter. Understanding and utilizing spatial audio is rapidly becoming a necessity.


Meeting Video for Hybrid Boardrooms


Learn how to set up an awkwardly sized board meeting where every board member has equal status around it, wants to have control and the best viewing angle for their hybrid counterparts. Design a boardroom where everyone can debate and share content naturally over bandwidth but without a camera suddenly highlighting them and pinning them to screen and without being surrounded by equipment. Yet, each experience is also personalized to the delegate and although the audio is discreet and never far away, there is no latency and it’s captured without incident.


Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour: AR and VR Tools for Immersive Collaboration Key Takeaways

This Power Hour episode explores AR and VR tools for immersive collaboration and their application in office design and collaboration environments. Here are some of its most important takeaways.


Perception is (Still) Reality in Our Virtual World

Data shows that with face-to-face interactions, there are more opportunities to make good first impressions, but what are we to do about digital interactions? Let's address digital communication from the AV perspective.


Enhancing the In-Office Experience

Conferencing technology pros discuss ways to get the most out of our in-office experience.


Meeting Room Management Simplified: How to Streamline Your Meetings

Streamline meeting room management by centralizing technology and fostering a consistent user experience across global enterprises. Embrace efficiency!


AR and VR Tools for Immersive Collaboration


What if you could work from home and have the ambient presence of your co-workers? VR technology has made strides to make that a possibility. AR is already being widely used in construction, manufacturing, and collaborative spaces. With such tools becoming readily available, how do we translate that into the office of the future?


Google, OpenAI Expand Conferencing Technology

The conferencing & collaboration space grew by leaps and bounds three years ago, and the technologies powering it continue to advance in their scope and simplicity for users.


Conferencing and Collaboration: Enhancing the In-Office Experience


How can you assess workstyle personas within the organization to better plan space and technology needs? Hear from stakeholders in IT, HR, and facilities on their required outcomes as you assess what’s working and what’s not for the in-office experience.


The Remote Worker’s 2024 Technological Toolkit

The shift to remote work began almost three years ago. Yet, some organizations still don't have a solid plan in place to accommodate their hybrid workforce. Success for remote workers depends not only on skill and discipline but also on the tools they use.


The Impact of Virtual Mentors and Online Coaching

The use of advanced software and equipment has transformed the dynamics of mentoring, expanded global outreach, and introduced new interactive tools.


New Distracted Driving Law Limits Videoconferencing

Zooming while zooming down the highway is a dangerous way to be productive. It is now also illegal in Illinois.


Conferencing & Collaboration: Meeting Equity in the Hybrid Workforce


In this webinar, the panel will discuss the innovative and clever use of technologies to deliver an inclusive and accessible meeting experience with the overall goal of meeting equity.


Conferencing Backgrounds May be Key to First Impressions

A new study indicates the background you choose in virtual meetings can create a perception of trustworthiness and competence.


Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour: Designing Intuitive Systems for Conference Rooms

Intuitive conference systems provide a better experience for end users and the AV team supporting these rooms.


Four Ways to Guard Against Video Conferencing Cyberattacks

Whether you use video conferencing software as part of a class or for business, it’s essential to know that there's a chance you're at risk for a cyberattack.


Date Released for FCC’s Conferencing Platform Accessibility Requirements

All online video conferencing services and related equipment must be made accessible to and usable by persons with hearing, speech, and vision-related disabilities, among others, by this date.


The Hybrid Workplace: How Video Conferencing Can Help Organizations Change

As many organizations still struggle to transition to hybrid work models, they face many challenges. From device-portability difficulties to pitching an idea with construction work in the background, we've all been there (and still are).


The Downside of Teleworking

It's been said work-from-home arrangements lead to happier, more balanced employees. What could go wrong? And what can employers do to counteract it?

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