The Hybrid Workplace: How Video Conferencing Can Help Organizations Change


As many organizations still struggle to transition to hybrid work models, they face many challenges. From device-portability difficulties to pitching an idea with construction work in the background, we've all been there (and still are).

In her chat with Girlen Milleza, Coolpo's Director of Product Strategy and Customer Success, Linoy Doron of UC Today discussed how video conferencing devices can address key hybrid work challenges companies face.

Organizations (and their employees) continue to face many challenges as they adjust:

Balancing Multiple Devices: In the current hybrid work landscape, employees often juggle various devices, depending on their location. Moving between the home and the office often requires different tools for each setting.

"The best way to deal with this issue is by using a portable video conferencing device that fits both the home and office environments and offers an angle range that can cater to both small and large spaces" Milleza notes. "This allows hybrid employees – individuals and groups alike – to use the same device wherever they go, ensuring consistent and efficient communication across different workspaces."

Maintaining Focus in Dynamic Environments: For remote participants joining meetings from public spaces like coffee shops or co-working spaces, background distractions can be a significant hindrance. The most effective way to tackle this issue is using video conferencing devices with AI-based features that eliminate or minimize distractions.

"Some devices come equipped with advanced AI features, including background noise blur functions and intelligent focus for individual framing," Milleza explains. "This automatically highlights the individual speaker, even in busy surroundings, which means you can present a product even in otherwise uncomfortable circumstances."

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