Enhancing the In-Office Experience

In this Power Hour, Moderator Pete Coman speaks with Principal Media Architect Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security for MITRE Kevin Cigler, Blue Touch Paper Consultant Jane Hammersley, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Crestron, Sam Kennedy, and Jabra’s Senior Solutions Consultant, Sharath Abraham, about ways to get the most out of our in-office experience.

What is critical to having successful collaboration spaces is that it emphasizes the importance of people, process, space, and technology. By adding AI to the equation, organizations can create more efficient and practical spaces that support and complement each other.

Some highlights included:

  • The concept of people processes, space, and technology (PPST) is applied as one of the four pillars of a successful collaboration space. With technology at the forefront, when people work and collaborate, these are the key factors spaces should deliver for them.
  • We emphasize the importance of making our spaces people-centric.
  • The process of what is done in a space still needs to be defined, and this comes back to activities-based working.
  • Designing spaces around the activity or task is essential, but the result should be people-centric. Data management is also crucial in managing the space and how data is collected.
  • Although many tools available today allow data collection, many companies do not collect enough data to manage their spaces effectively. Many customers now look to their integrators to help them with this.

View the entire conversation here: Conferencing and Collaboration Enhancing the In Office-Experience

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