Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour: AR and VR Tools for Immersive Collaboration Key Takeaways

This Power Hour episode explores AR and VR tools for immersive collaboration and their application in office design and collaboration environments. Our Moderator Pete Coman along with ERNST & YOUNG, LLP’s Product Manager, NextGen Meeting Experience, Jon Teetsell, Professional Services Engineer, UCI Specialist for Q-Sys Hope Roth, Director of Workplace Thought Leadership for HOK, Kay Sargent and AVI-SPL’s Sr Design Engineer Chase McCloud, covered the importance of rethinking the design of gathering spaces to optimize collaboration, the potential of VR for creating immersive environments, and the practical applications of AR and VR tools in enterprise settings as well as the challenges of implementing AR and VR in enterprise.

The conversation explores the challenges and opportunities in embracing new technologies, particularly augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The panel discusses the roadblocks to widespread adoption, including cost, interoperability, and the need for standards. They also highlight the potential of AR and VR in design decision-making, training, and collaboration. The importance of immersive audio technologies in keeping audiences engaged is emphasized. The panel concludes by discussing the adaptability of AR in higher education and the need for behavioral and cultural shifts.


  • Designers should rethink the design of gathering spaces to optimize collaboration and consider the use of AR and VR applications during the design process.
  • Technology plays a significant role in creating successful immersive collaboration environments, including the use of digital walls, audio signatures, and multi-sensory experiences.
  • Considerations for security and scalability are important when implementing AR and VR tools in enterprise settings. The cost, interoperability, and standards are roadblocks to the widespread adoption of AR and VR technologies.
  • Organizations need to be bolder in embracing technology and consider new go-to-market strategies, such as technology-as-a-service, to overcome adoption challenge.

See the entire conversation here.