Market Intelligence

Pro-AV Business Index

January showed a reversal of business trends between the International and North American Index results.

Market Intelligence

Reskilling in a Down Economy

The pandemic brought a spike in unemployment numbers. As some areas are showing improvement, it may be a good idea to stay ahead of the curve and pick up new skills.

Training and Certification

The Leading Pro-AV Certification — CTS

Did you know that according to the AVIXA® 2019 META: Pro-AV Channel Employment Report, more than 80 percent of firms prefer or require CTS® holders for higher level engineering and technician positions?

The First CTS In India - Post Lockdown

Anand M.S., CTS, Program Manager, Sigma-Jones AV LLP, Sigma AVIT Group, used this time during the COVID-19 pandemic to study for his CTS exam.

Discover Your Training Path

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Highlighted Short Lessons

Review a skill in an hour or less and earn RUs toward CTS renewal in our short-form lessons.

A Better Way to Work From Home

Read our interview with Instructor Lead Chuck Espinoza, CTS D, CTS-I, about the latest (and last) video in our Work From Home Series. Learn how he made his mobile office and explore ways to work remotely.

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