Learning Tech Managers Power Hour: Audio for Distance Learning

By Marcella Walsh
Content Manager

Today’s classrooms need to be equipped to handle both in person and remote students, and to allow for many-to-many communications. How do you ensure good audio coverage for all, but also allow the instructor to easily control the conversation? We invited some audio experts to present the possibilities and challenges. Hear what Anna Shahin of Audiologic, Dwayne Smith of Old Dominion University, Holger Stoltze of Yamaha Unified Communications, and Madeleine Vining of Carillion Communications based on site with Blackstone discussed with moderator, Ben Barnard of AVIXA. Some items of note:

  • One of the major challenges is dealing with spaces that were not originally designed for these new types of uses, so it’s necessary to evaluate the room constraints to address any audio issues. There are some less expensive options, for example adding sound absorption to walls.
  • Make sure to have a good working relationship with your IT team so that the networking demands can be met.
  • Take into consideration the type of classroom you are designing for and invest in the future for a value add in the long term. It’s important to include pedagogy in your plans.
  • Make sure whatever solutions you create are easy to learn and use, and provide training for your staff, the instructors and the students.

See the entire webinar here: Learning Tech Managers Power Hour: Audio for Distance Learning.


Marcella Walsh
AVIXA, Content Manager

With over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, Marcella Walsh, Content Manager for AVIXA, develops both in-person and digital programs. She is always looking for new content ideas that highlight topics and trends of importance to the AV industry. Contact Marcella at [email protected] with your thoughts.