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The perfect intersection of AV, IT, and content, digital signage is a powerful tool that informs, educates, entertains, and communicates across many markets. With a forecast of $44.7 billion in 2026 — it's now one of the largest solution areas in the pro AV Industry. Whether you work at an integration company, a retailer, a higher education institution, or an agency, AVIXA has the insights into digital signage that you need. Explore these resources to find case studies, business opportunities, the latest technology, and more.


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This Immersive Digital Display is Revitalizing London's West End


London's West End has an unparalleled musical heritage. Acts like David Bowie and the Sex Pistols performed here but the area had since fallen behind the times. When the Outernet in 2022, the centerpiece of this mixed-use facility is a massive LED display that has become one of London's most visited tourist attractions. And it's bringing new life to this London community.


D=SIGN Power Hour: Green Signage – Going Green, Easier Than You Think

We gathered experts to discuss how you can make your digital signage solutions more sustainable. Here are their main takeaways from our D=SIGN Power Hour.


4 Emerging Trends in CMS and Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Using cloud-based digital signage has many benefits, including the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence. Check out these 4 major emerging trends in CMS and cloud-based digital signage!


Las Vegas Convention Center Unified Technology | 22Miles


As a premier trade show and convention center in the U.S, the Las Vegas Convention Center embraced the challenge of a full scale digital transformation, incorporating 22Miles & partners high user engagement technology consisting of: 1.Digital Signage 2. 3D Wayfinding 3. 4k-10k Video Walls 4. Mobile experience with Augmented Reality 5. Visual Communications Screens (Room boards & overhead signage) 6. Interactive Kiosks


Tampa Airport Sky Center One | 22miles Mobile App Solutions


Tampa Airport SkyCenter, a facility serving 93 non-stop destinations throughout the world, utilize 2Miles Digital Signage & Wayfinding solutions for their customized mobile wayfinding app. The app provides airport staff digital workplace a solution that enhances communications, connectivity, while empowering admins with a simple to manage tool. Built for a hybrid-work model that facilitates an ever-changing agile workspace, the 22Miles Custom Mobile App grants employees a variety of technological capabilities such as, interactive wayfinding, people finding, room reservations and desk-booking. Interactive 3D wayfinding enables employees and visitors to directly navigate anywhere in the facility following a simple map on a mobile phone. Integrated Hotdesking enables employees to reserve rooms and meeting spaces on the go, without the login needs of a separate system:” At any time, staff members and management can view all available desks on any floor, and they can select and reserve times in the secure, user-friendly system. 22Miles tracks of all desk reservations and room statuses. Administrators can view what desks are being used by whom, and even schedule or see the status of which rooms have been cleaned and sanitized. More than 130 employees currently utilize the system at the airport, but it is scalable to handle any number of users as the facility grows.


Davidson Davie College | 22Miles College Campus Wayfinding Customer Testimonial


In response to a growing student population and logistics challenges, Davidson-Davie College's IT directors sought ways to not only reduce the time it took for students and visitors to navigate around the growing campus, but to implement technology innovations that could facilitate the college’s needs as they evolved. Utilizing 22Miles Publisher Pro CMS, 3D interactive wayfinding and interactive digital signage were implemented on 19 touch screens across two primary campuses. “Updating the directories and individual signs are things that we can easily do through the web interface. The ease of using the system, we can kind of share that responsibility with other areas of campus, so marketing can handle adding advertisements, and other departments can handle other campus related content and directories.” -Donald Beck – Director of IT Services – Davidson-Davie Community College


22Miles Case Study - City & Government Digital Signage | City of Chesapeake


Located along Military Highway in Chesapeake, Virginia, the city of Chesapeake’s extended campus serves as a central hub for departments and services ranging from city management and law enforcement to emergency services and government administration. Multiple buildings house numerous departments that keep the city’s operations running and connected. To ensure communications efficiency, the city of Chesapeake’s department of information technology implemented a scalable solution that could handle the communications needs for the city’s various departments. Utilizing 22Miles digital signage & visual communications technology, multiple screens span the different buildings and floors of the main facility, as well as neighboring police and city buildings. The digital signage screens are positioned at main entrances, and in key areas to provide information on departments, staff, scheduling, policies, and events, and can also be utilized for emergency alerts. As the city’s needs grow, administrators can easily scale the system, expanding with more screens in additional buildings, and the possibility to add additional 22Miles market ready solutions such as interactive wayfinding and video walls to create a unified digital experience across the campus.


Video Walls 101: What to Know Before Installation

We're living in a time when walls can talk – they’re known as video walls. But harmoniously combining technology, design, and messaging requires thoughtful consideration. If you’re new to the game, check out this guide on the basics of video wall design.


Podcast: Optimizing Digital Displays on USC's Campus with Korbyt

Many digital-native students have certain standards regarding the technology used on their campuses. See how digital signage can be used to meet the needs of today's digital-native students.


Digital Signage Content Powered by Your CMS

In our February D=SIGN Power Hour on Using your CMS to Automate Content, our panelists discussed which tools can help to ensure the content displayed on your digital screens is always fresh, relevant, and engaging.


Advanced LED Screen Technologies - Pioneering the Future of Visual Display

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the demand for cutting-edge visual display solutions has never been greater. Advanced LED screen technologies have emerged as the frontrunners, revolutionizing how we perceive and interact with digital content.


Le interviste dell'AWC ITA - Elena Bertolini, Giorgia Barbana, Giulia Totis


Il Gruppo italiano dell'AVIXA Women's Council intervista Elena Bertolini, Giorgia Barbana e Giulia Totis, Art Director, System and Quality Manager e Marketing e Communication di 4DODO, per parlare di mondo AV in Italia e dell'esperienza delle professioniste donne in questo settore.


Challenges within Digital Signage Media Platforms

Discover the challenges most often faced with cross-platform deployments and how some of the most daunting ones can be overcome.


Touchdown! Interactive Branding across Sports & Stadiums

Today’s fans have high expectations, and digital signage is key to transforming their experience – improving their time at an event and increasing their loyalty and relationship with the team.


Understanding Digital Signage in Enterprise Settings // George Clopp of Korbyt


In this episode of "Pro AV Today," host Ben Thomas sat down in studio with George Clopp from Korbyt for an insightful chat about the changing dynamics of digital signage within the enterprise setting. The conversation highlights how perceptions of digital signage have evolved, especially in the wake of the pandemic. It's no longer about generic displays; the focus is now on delivering personalized content, tailored specifically for individual departments. With advancements in AI, content has become smarter, ensuring it's both relevant and timely for its audience. One of the key discussions revolvs around the integration of real-time data into digital displays. From CRMs to call logs, modern digital signage is all about seamless connectivity. With Korbyt helping lead the way, offering nearly 200 integrations, the possibilities seem endless. The duo also delved into the challenges presented by the rise of remote work, with an emphasis placed on the collaborative effort required for successful digital signage implementation. It's not just an AV team's responsibility anymore. HR and communication departments play pivotal roles, underscoring the need for a united front in this ever-changing AV landscape.


Digital Signage in New York City Retail Spaces | AV Reacts


On this episode of AV Reacts, our friends at the Digital Signage Federation have convened a panel to discuss their favorite retail brand experiences in New York City. Join Beth Warren and she speaks with Melissa Gonzalez from MG2, David Title from Bravo Media and David Polinchock from Brand Experience Lab to learn more about some of their favorite retail AV installations in the Big Apple.


The Power of LED Border Tubing Signs

With their ability to enhance visibility, create a strong visual impact, and effectively communicate messages, LED tubing signs are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many businesses.


Urban Projection Mapping Brings Buildings to Life Worldwide

A form of urban art is popping up in cities throughout the world. Urban Projection Mapping, as it is loosely known, is the art of creating video displays that make buildings spring to life in light and color. A cousin of augmented reality, this global delight has begun shaping how we advertise, celebrate, and inspire.


D=SIGN Power Hour: Immersive and Informative Lobby Experiences

Your impressions when you walk into a lobby can be memorable and lasting. In this webinar replay, our panel explains how digital signage can create an immersive and informative experience.


The Journey to ATSC 3.0, with Pro AV and Digital Signage Implications

Exploring the evolution of broadcast video standards, and, most importantly, where we are today with the launch of the ATSC 3.0 standards.

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