Challenges within Digital Signage Media Platforms

Stan Richter, Co-Founder & CEO at signageOS, moderated our November D=SIGN Power Hour on digital signage media platforms. He was joined by IV Dickson, Chief Innovation Officer at SageNet; Jay Leedy, Head of Business Development, Technical Alliances at Sony Electronics; Pamela Lobaton, Business Development Manager at Spectrio; and Bart Massey, EVP Software Products at Creative Realities. The panel discussed the challenges most often faced with cross-platform deployments and how some of the most daunting ones can be overcome. The pointed out some important considerations:


  • Consider your audience and your goals, content strategy, location of equipment, connectivity and network when determining the components of your digital signage network.
  • Do a cost-benefit analysis to determine what you can keep from your existing network.
  • Be flexible and plan for growth and changes over time. Design for a 3-to-5-year investment.
  • Lock down the network for security.
  • Anticipate emerging technology’s impact when making decisions – AI, QR codes, data analytics, cloud services and platforms, omnichannel and more.


View the entire conversation here: D=SIGN Power Hour: Challenges within Digital Signage Media Platforms.