D=SIGN Power Hour: Immersive and Informative Lobby Experiences

Your impressions when you walk into a lobby can be memorable and lasting. Steve Bayer, Special Projects Director at Daktronics was joined by Cheryl Catterall, Creative Director at Moment Factory; Brandon Harp, Senior Business Development Manager at Electrosonic; and Emily Webster, Studio Design Leader at NBBJ | ESI Design to explain how the digital signage installed can create an immersive and informative experience. Here are some of their key thoughts:

  • Lead with the human experience when planning and creating.
  • Make the technology as thoughtful as the architecture.
  • Think of the lobby as a campfire that brings people together.
  • Keep sustainability in mind, for example, can you use the heat the technology creates to balance the HVAC? Can you choose technology that uses less power? When deciding where to purchase from, can you consider the carbon footprint of transporting the technology?
  • Plan to meet the budget.
  • There is a big trend towards generative experiences.

View the entire conversation here: D=SIGN Power Hour: Immersive and Informative Lobby Experiences.