Touchdown! Interactive Branding across Sports & Stadiums

Today’s fans have high expectations, and digital signage is key to transforming their experience – improving their time at an event and increasing their loyalty and relationship with the team. The technology is also being used to boost team culture and raise brand awareness. Peter Beck, Executive Vice President at Forty Nine Degrees; Ryan Lenocker, Manager - Digital Signage at the Dallas Cowboys Football Club; and Lee Summers, President, Sports and Entertainment at Creative Realities sat down with Steve Bayer, Special Projects Director at Daktronics to cite examples and digital signage trends in sports and stadiums.

  • There are two main purposes for digital signage in stadiums
    • Inform decisions, remove friction, and provide convenience to the fans
    • Make memories with “wow” moments.
  • Messaging comes at three different points at an event
    • Pre-game messaging can include content for wayfinding, food and beverage and merchandise.
    • In game messaging includes the broadcast feed, replays and more.
    • Post-game messaging can include content about the next event.
  • Teams can use digital signage applications to make players feel more a part of the culture, providing customized experiences for recruits, and providing assets to help them sell their own brand.
  • Attending the event is becoming the event with additions like fan activation areas.
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