Events & Entertainment Power Hour: Reducing Waste in Live Event

As the heartbeat of any event, technology solutions have a unique position to influence the eco-friendliness of the industry. Samantha Powell of AVIXA interviewed sustainability experts Robert Bartolucci, Director of Environmental, Social and Governance of The Opus Group, Carina Jandt, Director & Founder of Event Cycle, Melissa Mahon, Executive VP of Business and Operations of MAS, Mendel Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of Gearsupply and Eric Wallinger, Director of Sustainability of MeetGreen. They highlighted some key points and ways to get started on your sustainability goals:

  • Start adding sustainability goals and targets as a line item before you begin planning events.
  • Break it down into smaller pieces, both short term and long term to make impactful changes quickly.
  • Own your piece in the process. Small wins matter.
  • Make it a community effort with your team and lean into the younger members who are committed to sustainability.
  • Make it look cool and fun to reach your goals.
  • Add a tag to each of your inventory items with the embedded carbon footprint so you can add that information in your quotes.
  • Empower your attendees with pre-event communication, clear signage, gamifying and more.
  • Most importantly gather real data and statistics to show how you are meeting your targets and market them to all of your audiences.

Check out the entire conversation to start your live stream today! Events & Entertainment Power Hour: Reducing Waste in Live Events.