D=SIGN Power Hour: Is your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z?

What are the Gen Z’s values and how can digital signage reach them with content that speaks to them? We brought in three Gen Z panelists and college students, to discuss what motivates their choices and how to get their attention – Nyah Hawkins, Brianna Patterson, and Kendry Rodriguez. The panel was moderated by Beth Warren, SVP, Marketing at Creative Realities and Laura Davis Taylor, Founder, Branded Ground. Check out what they had to say:

  • Gen Z is motivated by authenticity vs. perfection, for example, using real life models showing diversity
  • They have grown up with digital signage around them, so to get their attention, you’ll need to surprise and individualize
  • Their decisions are more impacted by micro influencers than celebrities
  • Digital first brands dominate their vision

View the entire conversation here: