D=SIGN Power Hour: 2023’s Emerging Digital Signage Trends

Technology is changing at the speed of light these days. Our subject matter experts discuss key trends to know and watch for in the digital signage space. This discussion is moderated by Samantha Phenix, Founder at Phenix Consulting LLC, with Rick Barrick, Senior Director, Managed Services at Adrenaline; TJ DiQuollo, Director, Creative Services | Digital Signage SME at Diversified; Randy Gress, Managing Director & Chief Client Officer at NEXT/NOW Agency; David Polinchock, Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Unified Brand Experience Lab; and Eran Sharon, Creative Technology Director at Gensler. They pointed out some important directions:

  • AI is being used to create art and copy that provides personalization of digital signage.
  • AV can utilize AI to assist with content generation, creating briefs, client relationships, as well as system requirements, like calculating viewing angles and ideal font sizes.
  • Sustainability is now crucial in design of AV systems and should influence hardware, software, and operations systems.
  • AV can track and show key metrics like air quality, health and safety, and energy consumption.

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