Conference & Collaboration Power Hour Replay: The Importance of Interoperability

By Lauren Moore
Manager, Live Content US/Canada

During our recent Conferencing & Collaboration Power Hour webinar, our panel discussed the importance of interoperability with moderator Peter Coman of PTS Consulting - New York. We were joined by Sheuli Forte of Willis Towers Watson, Chris Jaynes of Mersive, and Robb Woods of BlueJeans by Verizon. Here were some key takeaways:

  • Interoperability isn’t just limited to unified communications and conferencing platforms; we have multiple operating systems and devices that need to be supported.
  • When discussing interoperability, looping in all stakeholders is key – starting with Real Estate and IT.
  • When moving towards the “BYOM” path, it’s imperative to consider flexibility and moving towards a cloud-based system.

 See the entire webinar here: Conference & Collaboration Power Hour: The Importance of Interoperability

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