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Own the Night: The AV Revolution in 'The Club'

From LED lights and digital signage to surround sound systems, night spots in major cities compete with one another for the most impressive AV atmosphere, making it one of the biggest spends in the $36.5bn Bars and Nightclubs industry.


AV/IT Convergence: Native Room Systems vs Unified Communications Agnosticism

The future of enterprise collaboration is here: Native room systems vs. UC agnostic approach. What should you choose? Find out which one offers the best fit for your business needs.


The New Samuel de Champlain Bridge Glistens with 13.6 million Lumens

Stretching 2.1 miles across the Saint Lawrence River to connect the Island of Montreal and the South Shore suburbs, is the Samuel De Champlain Bridge.


Connected Lighting - Le nuove frontiere dell’illuminazione PoE - 17 oct 2018


Lo sviluppo delle tecnologie IoT (Internet of Things) sta rivoluzionando il mondo dell’illuminazione che, grazie al basso consumo dei LED, diventa un servizio di rete che prende alimentazione dalla rete stessa in modalità PoE (Power over Ethernet). Webinar a cura di Carlo Novelli, Marketing Manager, INTERMARK SISTEMI In collaborazione con SIEC


Teaching from Your Truck: A Truly Mobile Office Built on the Fundamental Concepts of AV Design

While far from over, we have an end of the COVID pandemic in sight with the administration of vaccines. It might be some time before we return to normal, but as, and especially after, we defeat the virus that has brought so many changes to our work environments, we shouldn’t lose the innovation and lessons learned from our going through it.


Sneak Peek of the New

Welcome to the new! We’re inviting you to come in and take a look around at our new digital home. We want your feedback so that continues to be part of your daily journey in the AV industry.


There’s a Better Way to Work Remote

The AVIXA Work Remote series, composed of short, shareable videos, answers the basic questions you’ve been getting recently on how to improve audio, video, lighting, and network performance. These days, we’re all going virtual so feel free to share these AV tips.


Congreso AVIXA: Integradores AV y diseñadores de iluminación deben trabajar en equipo para crear experiencias integradas

El reciente Congreso AVIXA representó una gran oportunidad para escuchar a profesionales de otras áreas de negocios que están íntimamente ligadas a nuestra labor en la industria de las experiencias audiovisuales integradas.


Coping with Covid-19: Adding New Skills in the AV Business

At its core, the AV industry is all about adaptability. The pandemic has definitely brought challenges to many in our industry, and there will be a lot of continued challenges ahead. But here we hope to inspire with a few stories of how new business and opportunities can emerge from a complete shutdown through to gradual reopening.


Tips for Planning a Safe Show

Getting everyone back to work safely and effectively is top of mind for most employers these days. One of the biggest challenges facing every employer is no official COVID-19 safety training (or certification) currently exists.


Industry Insights: Together Again Expo Demonstrates New Concepts in Production

In July, Technisch Creative provided live production support to the Together Again Expo, one of the first large-scale events to return to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, after the COVID-19 shutdown. The expo was created to demonstrate a safe and successful approach to large event production following loosening of restrictions in the state.




Further Evolutions in Retail: All In For Experiential Retail [Retail TouchPoints]

stores remain in phoenix mode, poised to evolve and adapt as they emerge from the ashes stronger than before. And perhaps even more now than in the future, technology will play a crucial role in this adaptation.


The Task Is To Keep Everyone Safe, But Still Design It So That It’s Beautiful

Innovation on virtual events began early in the pandemic for Vita Motus, which felt the earliest effects of the shutdown when work paused on the televised concert productions it produces in China. A rapid refocus toward digital capabilities revealed a vast cache of virtual offerings that Vita Motus had already produced.


Entertainment Events from a Social Distance Combine Live, Install, and Remote Expertise

The “hybrid” scenario is very much in swing, and new discoveries are happening through the calibration and recalibration of blended remote and in-venue entertainment experiences. It may be that in the stop-and-restart of large-venue use, we discover new ways to improve the in-person experience and generate new sources of revenue for years to come.


Go “Backstage” in Las Vegas!

When in-person tours had to be cancelled, AVIXA jumped in and virtually showcased some of the coolest sights in Vegas! These videos will take you behind-the-scenes to see leading edge AV technology in action in higher education, hospitality, and entertainment. You’ll hear from the AV pros about their projects, the equipment and capabilities.


New Solutions: New Events

“The new normal” is buzzy at best, but we also know that live events will not look the same for the foreseeable future. How can we adapt to survive? In our new series of video interviews, Events Reinvented, AVIXA speaks with top live event planners and producers to get the latest on how COVID-19 is impacting their work.


Regional Training Brings AV to AZ

In his 23 years in the AV industry, 15 of them at Mesa, Arizona-based Level 3 Audio Visual, Jeremy Elsesser, CTS® -D, CTS-I, has made the most of industry training and education on both a personal level and as a champion of training opportunities for the wider AV community.


Projection Mapping Across Sydney Opera House Honors Australian Firefighters

The wildfires devastating Australia’s New South Wales region are a sobering reminder of nature’s power.


More College Basketball Players Are Playing Video Games With the Ultimate Big-Screen TV on Court

On-court projection is a compelling new reason for fans to leave their homes and see a game in person.