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What is Extended Reality, and How Has it Impacted the Audiovisual Industry?

The impact of Extended Reality (XR) on the audiovisual industry has been nothing short of revolutionary. XR, a term encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), has completely reshaped the way stories are told, content is created, distributed, and experienced, and how audiences engage with audiovisual content.


The Shift from Hardware to Software Codecs: Five Ways It’s Revolutionizing the Digital Media Landscape

As more companies embrace cloud applications, the transition from hardware to software codecs has become a compelling choice.


The Convergence of AV and IT: Protect Your Devices with a Zero Trust Approach

A traditional network security model doesn’t always fit the security needs of modern organizations, especially those who have embraced IoT. Here are some tips to help bulk up your security.


Insight on Learning Tech Managers Power Hour: How to Launch an Esports Program

Learn more about the Learning Tech Managers Power Hour: How to Launch an Esports Program from speaker Kylie Kendrick.


Understanding DNS and DHCP Servers

Knowing what these systems can do and how they interact with other systems will ensure that you are always aware of your network’s environment


AV / IT Convergence: Skills and Gaps to Breach?

AV and IT are not 'fully' converged and probably will never totally be, but there is convergence. This begs the question of what drives these distinct “camps” to work together and, yes, converge.


Breaking Down IP Delivery Standards and Protocols | Signal Flow


On today’s episode of Signal Flow presented by AVIXA, host Ben Thomas is joined by Jim Jachetta, EVP & CTO at VidOvation, to discuss what VidOvation does in the IPTV installation space to facilitate effective mass streaming services for enterprises. XtremeHD IPTV, Necro IPTV, 6IPTV, Krooz TV...these are just some of the more popular IPTV platforms available for use today. That list of names is sure to continue growing as consumers continue to recognize the benefits of transmitting TV programs and videos through the Internet, such as easy smart home integration, video call support, and online conferencing and gaming. How are companies like VidOvation tackling the increasing popularity of enterprise IPTV installations and bridging the gap between broadcasting and proAV services?


How to Assess Price Versus Cost for Networking Projects

What should you consider when undertaking a new networking endeavor? View this webinar and find out!


Developing the CTS Exam Guide Trilogy – A Long and Meandering Journey

Editing the three CTS exam guides was the culmination of a long journey in electronics, IT, and AV for Andy Ciddor.


What's the Difference between IoT and AV?

Introducing IOT devices to the network requires a different approach from traditional IT assets.


Four Changes AI is Making to IT

While AI already has a hand in IT, there are many changes expected in the future.


The Impact of Technology on Modern Education

Education today is not only becoming more global in terms of the way information is distributed, but it is also becoming more technologically oriented. Students are often ahead of the curve, so technology encourages them to research and be more responsible.


Why Is It Essential To Build a Bridge Between AV and IT?

Rodrigo Casassus tells us about the goal of the Congreso AVIXA.


InfoComm Sneak Peek | How IT is AV? Keynote with Alex Rosen


This session discusses the art and science of the AV and IT experience, the left and right brain of creativity within a framework, and share some examples of how to think about it with perspectives and experiences from big tech, entrepreneurship, daily tech, and live production.


Emerging Trends at InfoComm: From 5G to IoT

I’ve been attending and volunteering at InfoComm [] shows for well over a decade. It’s been a bright spot in my career in AV. I always look forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, sharing laughter, learning new things and otherwise wringing every bit of joy and value served up at a great trade show!


Earning Dual-CTS Designations in Istanbul

Sercan Aktas, Director of Integration at Redmouse Audio Visual Integration, recently became only the second person in Turkey to hold both AVIXA® CTS®-D and CTS-I.


ROI Considerations for Hardware Upgrades | AV Takeaways


Overhauling your hardware can be a daunting task for any business. Here are some tips on how to reduce your risk from industry experts. Read more on


Audio over IP per la distribuzione di musica di sottofondo: pianificazione, gestione e controllo [IT]

La presentazione coprirà tematiche tecniche relative alla distribuzione di musica di sottofondo per il mercato dell’’ “In-Store Music”.


Didattica multiroom a distanza: come realizzare un sistema di gestione AVe [IT]

Sfruttando case history ed esempi applicativi, sarà illustrato come realizzare un sistema di gestione per la didattica a distanza multiroom con controllo integrato per audio, video e telecamere. Sarà possibile acquisire nozioni di base sul controllo integrato di audio video e telecamere per la didattica a distanza, tema in costante ascesa in questo particolare periodo storico.


Videowall per Sale Controllo, Meeting Room e Digital Signage [IT]

Il webinar si propone di offrire ai partecipanti gli elementi e gli strumenti per la progettazione di un videowall in tre diverse modalità applicative: Sale Comando e Controllo, Sale Riunioni e Digital Signage. L'obiettivo è di trasferire le competenze e le best-practice necessarie alla progettazione e alla realizzazione di un videowall per ogni tipologia di applicazione, tenendo conto delle finalità espresse dal cliente finale.