How to Assess Price Versus Cost for Networking Projects

When considering undertaking a new networking endeavor, two very important questions to answer are “What do we need?” and “How much will it cost?” Evaluating the various solutions for creating, rebuilding, and maintaining networking solutions can be challenging. CTI’s AV Consultant Xzavia Killikelly, along with Digibox Managing Director Marc Risby, Legrand’s Technology Evangelist Joseph Cornwall, and USC’s Head of Learning Technologies Design & Engineering Raj Singh took on exploring what’s needed in a real-world scope with the emphasis of cost, and actual practical use to your system infrastructure. Some highlights:

  • Understand as your network capability improves overall with less downtime, the demand becomes greater.
  • Recognize the value of specialized hardware endpoints and know when to use them.
  • Understanding of your switch, what it is built around, and how best to utilize “all” aspects of that switch to its full potential.
  • Prework of ports, connections, routing and connection paths should always be first step in any usecase.
  • Be very aware of your data hygiene when assessing and evaluating your project. Knowing which device is drawing more data will give you a realistic system analysis.