Projection Mapping is Transforming This Dining Experience into Culinary Theatre

They say you eat with your eyes first. So, the creators behind this newest dining experience are exploring unique ways to make dining even more visually stunning. A concoction of immersive video installations, fine dining, and theatre, Journey is the latest venture into “theatrical gastronomy,” or culinary theatre.

Structured around the enhancement of a spectacle during the service of food and beverages, culinary theatre is a long-established practice. Many restaurants and eateries have been combining some element of theatrics into their dining experience for a while now. But Journey is taking the meaning of culinary theatre to another level with the integration of technology, allowing patrons to be transported and take a journey at their very own tables. 

Located at 27 West 24th Street in NYC, Journey houses four unique experiences under one roof. Journey 360 utilizes 360-degree projections to transport you from a communal table to five exotic locations during your meal. Journey Odyssey features live and filmed performances by an award-winning Broadway cast that bring the diners’ tabletops to life. Journey Lounge provides a mix of live and filmed entertainment. And Journey Epic Café uses augmented reality to bring even the dinner plates to life.

Let’s take a closer look at Journey 360...

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