Managing Latency for High Quality Audio in Streaming Applications

What’s that you say? Managing Latency when streaming can be vital for clear quality audio. And without good audio, you will lose your audience. David Maldow, Founder & CEO at Let’s Do Video asked our panelists, Kristin Bidwell, Senior Design Consultant at ACT Associates and Coran Smith, Live Content Manager at AVIXA how to compensate for latency issues. They highlighted the following:

  • You’ll need to consider a variety of factors when managing latency – network speed, internet connection, devices being used, and distance between participants are some examples.
  • Latency can be more or less of an issue depending on the application. Some situations can allow for some delay, while others such as online betting require minimal latency.
  • Adjust what is under your control because some things will not be, such as the internet speed and connection of your audience.

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