Interoperability: We Are Not There Yet


In the August Conferencing and Collaboration Power Hour, the panelists discussed the current methods people are adapting to use multiple platforms and bring us closer to interoperability in conferencing technologies. The consensus: we are moving closer to interoperability but are not there yet. Moderator Peter Coman of PTS Consulting spoke with Shrini Arole, UC National Manager of Toyota, Tobi Tungl from CTI, Cassie Wells from CCS Presentation Systems, and Peter Verwayen from BlueJeans.  Here are a few highlights from the conversation:

  • AV equipment is going to become a utility – any friction during the meeting is lost productivity, and the tolerance for this friction continues to dwindle.
  • Bridging services are allowing us to get closer to interoperability, but features are still missing when compared with the native experience.
  • Expecting users to BYOD to a conference room is not a path to success. These capabilities already exist on their device, and we need to find native room solutions that can switch between platforms.
  • Design the system in such a way that training is not needed for most use cases: Make it that easy to use. When in doubt, use the Mom rule: would my Mom know how to use this room, and if not, what do I need to explain to her so she can use it?