Harness the Power of Multicast

Interested in multicast? When and how it should be deployed? Learn how modern-day producers and IT teams are creating more efficient content distribution workflows that support campus wide to world-wide deployments. During our October Content Production & Streaming Power Hour webinar, David Maldow, Founder & CEO at Let’s Do Video asked Justin Kennington, President at SDVoE Alliance and Rebecca Sullins, Senior Design Engineer at AmpThink to provide their expertise. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Unicast, broadcast and multicast are different methods of distributing content. Identify why you would choose a multicast system in an AV installation and how it can be the most efficient method.
  • Select the right switch or switches to support multicast.
  • Work with IT as a team to plan and implement your multicast system. Know what questions to ask.
  • Document and communicate.

View the entire conversation here: Content Production and Streaming Power Hour: Harness the Power of Multicast.