Hands Off: Emerging Trends in Touchless Technology

By Iulia Popescu
Coordinator, Digital Content

Have you ever asked a smart speaker to play a song or look up a recipe with your voice? If so, you may already be ahead of the curve. Touchless technology is growing exponentially as workers slowly transition back to the office. Though it was already on the rise before, COVID-19 accelerated it. 

Consider the benefits of touchless technology when choosing return-to-work essentials. They're not limited to hygiene and safety as they can be used to improve customer engagement, streamline an organization's processes, and create immersive environments when used with digital signage and conferencing and collaboration tech.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, many conference rooms used technology with multiple touchpoints, but reducing common touchpoints helps to slow the spread of germs. And if the last two years have taught us anything, it is the importance of adaptability. 
COVID-19 has created a surge in demand for contactless commerce. Early in the pandemic, people were advised to touch as little as possible. Companies scrambled to make changes. People began by having less contact with equipment, surfaces, and handles. Practically every industry shifted to its business operations and adopted novel technologies to reduce physical contact. 
Director of Software Development at Neonode Karl-Johan Svennenfors shared his thoughts: “Contactless touch technology is the perfect answer to keeping people safe in all workplace settings, rapidly reducing anxiety levels and encouraging people back into the office. They provide precise and accurate means to interact with any electronic device or surface without physical contact. Fast and easy to deploy, they can be retrofitted to an organization’s existing infrastructure using easy-to-install touch sensor modules.” 

Infrared lasers are the secret sauce of Neonode's contactless touch solutions. They work by casting a sheet of light either above or in front of a display or surface and creating touch interaction on an in-air display. 

In addition to touchless check-ins for employees and visitors, some companies have started using no-contact sign-in apps and employee QR codes, among other methods, to improve their processes.

Here are a few of the most cutting-edge touchless technologies...

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Iulia Popescu
AVIXA, Coordinator, Digital Content

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