Five Considerations For Choosing Conferencing Systems

By Joey Davis
Managing Editor

Your small business may already have video conferencing software. Maintaining work relationships and staying productive is, after all, essential for remote workers. With the rapid pace of change happening worldwide, organizations are seeking convenient ways to stay connected to their teams and efficiently run their businesses. Recent studies suggest over half of employers now allow their employees to work from home regularly. Given the new nature of the workforce, selecting the right technology for conferencing and collaboration has become more imperative than ever.

One reason it's essential to know what to look for when choosing a video software is all apps are not created equal. Most aren't even designed for the needs most organizations have. To manage remote teams, have company-wide meetings, and share resources, no mere chat application will suffice.

Continue reading for five points to consider when selecting a conferencing system.

Joey Davis
AVIXA, Managing Editor

Joey is a seasoned content and marketing professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in fast-paced digital media environments. The 2019 TAG Marketing Innovator of the Year recipient, he specializes in web content development, marketing strategy, writing, and graphic design.