Enter the World of Virtual Production

It was back by popular demand – our webinar on Enter the World of Virtual Production! Kevin De Lucia, VP of Visual Effects at Vū Studios, Addy Ghani, Vice President, Virtual Production at Disguise, and Lyndsaé Peele, Founder & Principal Consultant at Kingdom Vision Consulting and Co-Founder at Zubachee joined David Maldow, Founder and CEO at Let’s Do Video to talk about the future of virtual production and how AV pros can benefit from this growing sector. Some highlights included:

  • What is VAD? VAD stands for virtual art department and can be used to create digital assets, but also assist with the entire visualization process from ideation to collaborating with other departments.
  • Unreal Engine is still the major player in the industry but there are lots of platforms for all levels and abilities.
  • As always, it’s most important to understand up front what you or your clients’ goals and objectives are for the project. Ask questions to discern what they want and what they need.
  • The biggest pain points for virtual production, tech aside, is lack of people with knowledge and training. There’s an opportunity for those that get up to speed.
  • There are lots of options for learning virtual production from full blown university programs to free training online, so jump in and get started!
  • Because of increasing demand, those with the skills can start to monetize their experience by doing freelance work, side jobs, or even by starting a business on the side – “parallel-preneurship” as Lyndsaé pointed out.
View the entire conversation here: Content Production and Streaming Power Hour: Enter the World of Virtual Production.