Digital Signage Venue Analytics


How do you measure audience engagement on digital signage content and why? Using the latest technologies, you can capture data on how customers move throughout the physical journey and how they interface with your signage. Our moderator, Samantha Phenix, Founder at Phenix Consulting LLC discussed these technologies and their benefits with Coumba Ba, Head of Sales America at Quividi; Bill Evans, CEO at BlueZoo, Inc.; Thor Turrecha, EVP Global SaaS at meldCX; and Rob Winston, Principal at The Winston Research Group. Some of their main points were:

  • An audience measurement platform can provide the tools needed to detect impressions and engagement and there are a range of technologies that can be deployed including WiFi and cameras.
  • Privacy is a big issue with data and is dependent on the geographic region where it is being collected. Some areas, such as Asia, are less strict, whereas in Europe there are regulations via the GDPR.
  • You need some kind of ROI because data collection is costly – whether that be revenue from advertising, sales leads, savings, increased brand awareness or perception change, or increased market share, to name a few.

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