D=SIGN Power Hour Webinars: A Look Back at 2022

By Joey Davis
Managing Editor

Digital displays are becoming more affordable and accessible to a wider range of consumers and audiences. In short, it's everywhere. But for many people, even those who work in AV, the technologies that power these often massive and engaging screens are still a little bit mysterious. That's where AVIXA's D=Sign Power Hour webinar series comes in - to pull back the veil of digital signage and reveal some very cool and important aspects of it.

As we look ahead to future installments, here's a look back at the ground we've covered in 2022.

D=SIGN Power Hour: Using Voice to Guide a Digital Signage Experience

Voice technology can be an effective tool for enhancing a digital signage experience by adding ease and reducing friction. Michelle Montazeri of Legrand | AV, Frank Pisano of BrightSign LLC, David Polinchock of Unified Brand Experience Lab, Daniel Shefer of Kardome, and Dina Townsend of YCD Multimedia sat down with Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global to discuss digital signage voice applications.

D=SIGN Power Hour: The Power of Personalization: AI is the Future of Digital Signage

Artificial intelligence can enable optimized digital experiences and help us to understand physical spaces in a way that is comparable to the online world. Jeffrey Weitzman, Managing Director at Navori spoke with our panel of experts – IV Dickson, Vice President, Digital Experience at SageNet; Craig Frankenstein, Director of Digital Media at AVI; Nim Halfon, Consultant at the Qt Company; and Jackie Walker, Retail Experience Strategy Lead at Publicis Sapient – to share use cases and how to solve problems with AI.

D=SIGN Power Hour: Creating Immersive Experiences that Transcend the Physical

Immersive experiences combine technology, storytelling, and space to communicate messages, educate, or entertain. We invited Inessah Selditz, Executive Creative Director at A_DA, Alexandre Simionescu, Principal & Creative Director at Float4, and David Title, Partner and Creative Director of Bravo Media to join Bryan Meszaros, CEO & Founder of OpenEye Global, to discuss how to most effectively approach creating experiences and the role that AV plays in the process and design.

D=SIGN Power Hour: Is Your Digital Ecosystem Ready for Gen Z?

What are Gen Z’s values and how can digital signage reach them with content that speaks to them? We brought in three Gen Z panelists and college students, to discuss what motivates their choices and how to get their attention – Nyah Hawkins, Brianna Patterson, and Kendry Rodriguez. The panel was moderated by Beth Warren, SVP, Marketing at Creative Realities and Laura Davis Taylor, Founder, Branded Ground.

D=SIGN Power Hour: Emerging Digital Signage Trends

Halfway through 2022, a look at new display technologies that deliver increased engagement with customers, patients, guests, shoppers, and employees. 

D=SIGN Power Hour: Digital Signage: Social Media as Currency

With panel moderator Bryan Meszaros of OpenEye Global, we discussed social as currency and how to turn social media into social selling on-premise for your next digital signage project. Bryan was joined by Parrish Chapman of Samsung, Alicia Esposito of Retail TouchPoints, and Beth Warren of Creative Realities.

D=SIGN Power Hour: How to Rethink and Repurpose Digital Signage in the Age of Acceleration

We know that pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by 5+ year - forcing corporations, universities, retailers and healthcare providers to integrate technology in ways we have not yet before seen. Habits that should have taken a decade to acquire are now here to stay as our new normal. We'll hear from the experts on specific uses cases that sprouted from the Pandemic, and the new expectations and requirements of digital signage to perform in a world that continuously demands new methods of convenience, zero friction, and real time service experience

D=SIGN Power Hour: Price vs Cost Considerations for Your Next Digital Signage Project

In this D=SIGN Power Hour webinar, our panel discussed cost vs. price considerations when thinking about your next digital signage project with moderator Ryan Cahoy with InReality. We were joined by Tony Green of Snap Install, Kristin Roubie of Elo Touch, and Jefferey Weitzman of Navori.


Joey Davis
AVIXA, Managing Editor

Joey is a seasoned content and marketing professional with over 15 years of progressive experience in fast-paced digital media environments. The 2019 TAG Marketing Innovator of the Year recipient, he specializes in web content development, marketing strategy, writing, and graphic design.