Resorts, cruise lines, hotels and restaurants that embrace integrated AV experiences are reimagining the very idea of travel. They become destinations themselves, attracting guests to the excitement of open areas and the intimacy of secluded alcoves. They transform the guest/ brand relationship through immersion. And they connect guests’ personal journeys to authentic, local experiences through dynamic, digital content.

Integrated audiovisual experiences help hospitality brands achieve a variety of business outcomes, such as:

  • Creating more energized, integrated public spaces
  • Appealing to local business people as well as travelers
  • Providing easier access to practical information
  • Using automation to redefine spaces on the fly
  • Crafting multisensory experiences so travelers can test-drive new destinations

AVIXA would like to share with you a new resource The Power of Integrated AV Experiences in Hospitality. This in-depth report showcases the ways hospitality companies are leveraging audiovisual technologies to enhance customer experiences and elevate their brands. For those in the hospitality industry, we hope this resource sparks new ideas and causes you to engage your technology partners in what's possible through AV. For AV service providers, we hope you'll share this report with you hospitality clients as a springboard for conversations about new and exciting solutions.

AVIXA and its members believe in the power of AV technology to deliver powerful outcomes.

Sofitel Welcome Wall
The Welcome Wall at the Sofitel Paris Baltimore Hotel
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