Details about renewal can be found in the Renewal Handbook.

  • How do I renew?

There are three basic steps:

  1. Complete the 30 RUs-in-3-years requirement.
  2. Complete the Renewal Application.
  3. Submit the renewal application along with all required documentation and the renewal fee prior to your renewal deadline.
  • When does my certification expire?

You can check your expiration date several ways:

  • Look at the date listed on the bottom left corner of your current CTS certificate
  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Search for yourself using our online Certified Professionals Database.
  • How can I tell how many renewal units (RUs) I have earned?

Any courses you have registered for and taken through AVIXA appear on your transcript. Courses you have taken from other sources do not appear on your transcript at this time. You can check your AVIXA CTS transcript for a list of all current RUs you have earned from AVIXA by logging into our online learning platform. Learn more about different ways to earn RUs.

  • Can I add RUs from courses other than AVIXA registered courses to my transcript?

No, not at this time. If you have received RUs from a provider other than AVIXA, or earned your RUs using another approved option, you will need to provide proof of completion (such as copies of certificates of completion issued) with your renewal application in order to be credited with those RUs at the time of renewal.

  • How many RUs is a course/webinar/seminar/assessment test worth?

It depends on the activity. View a list of all courses, white papers, assessment tests and streamed presentations that are currently approved and available for RUs and their RU values.

  • How can I tell when my employees’ certifications expire?
  • Only the primary contact for your company has access to your company’s corporate dashboard, which allows him or her to see all staff expiration dates and AVIXA RUs. If you need help setting up a primary contact or accessing the corporate dashboard, please contact our Customer Service Team.

  • What courses can I take to earn my 30 RUs?
  • A wide variety of courses is available from both AVIXA and outside providers. Complete descriptions of all AVIXA courses can be found in our Training Catalog. Other RU Providers often post the RU Provider logo on their website or in their advertising. When you see this logo, you will know the offering is approved to provide RUs. For a list of approved RU providers, please see our RU Provider list.

  • I've earned more than 30 RUs. Do they roll over to my next renewal period?
  • No. The RUs that you’ve earned from certificate issue date to expiration date must be used solely for that renewal period. Once you have renewed, you start over with a new three-year- cycle of RU requirements. Only RUs you earn after your new certificate issue date will count toward your next three-year renewal period.

  • Can I apply renewal units to courses that I attended prior to earning my CTS Certification?
    • Renewal units from courses taken prior to obtaining a certification are not eligible to be used for a future renewal cycle.
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