Creating The Perfect Pair: Matching Your Work Persona To Your Home Office Space

By Jenny Hicks
Midwich Group
Head of Technology

As the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations increases worldwide, restrictions are easing, and we’re becoming more accustomed to a new 21st century “normal.” Part of that new normal is a continuation of many companies allowing their pandemic-era teleworking policies to continue into the foreseeable future. The tethering of staff five days a week, eight hours a day, to a corporate office desk is now an antiquated idea. Workers demonstrated their ability to perform their jobs successfully and efficiently from their home offices and highly favor the continuance of working-from-home. Organizations realizing this trend’s staying power have been decreasing their corporate footprint, increasing touchdown spaces, and continuously upgrading their remote technology capabilities.

At the beginning of this new teleworking paradigm, a few things remained constant: the feeling of insecurity about toilet paper reserves, the routine reminders of informing colleagues they were “on mute,” and secretly scrutinizing everyone’s home décor in their backgrounds. As time progressed in this “Groundhog Day” repetitive cycle, it became growingly apparent that more than just a laptop and headset were sufficient for every worker in their varying roles and different levels within the corporate ladder. Adaptations were imperative to make for a more productive and suitable work-from-home environment.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

AVIXA and Jenny Hicks, Head of Technology for Midwich Group connected to dive deeper into the topic of aligning one’s remote workspace to meet the needs of their corporate roles. They emphasize the importance of having a customized work environment tailored to one’s role within their organization and explain that for the leaders in a company, it is our corporate responsibility to supply your working setup, and it is vital to have a suitable space for employees to perform their work. One size doesn’t fit all. AVIXA, Jenny and her team have keenly identified three differing work from home personas that address the needs of many employees.

What are Those Three Personas? Click HERE For More.

Jenny Hicks
Midwich Group, Head of Technology

Jenny Hicks has been a thought leader in the technology field for over 13 years. She currently serves as the Head of Technology for Midwich Group, focusing on identifying new technology ventures for Midwich globally and providing market analysis, acquisition rationale, and central support to all group companies. Jenny also serves on the Market Trends Advisory Board for AVIXA and is a frequent contributor at speaking engagements and publications within the AV industry.